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We met in 2015, right after the New Year's in the Washington, DC area - Scott was in DC and Jenny was in Alexandria, Virginia. As the metro area is pretty small, the distance was significant (3 miles actually), but it was well worth it. We hit it off from that first evening by sharing stories of our love for all things travel. A few short months later and we were traveling the world together - going to Iceland, Dubai, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Egypt. Travel is important to us, not only as an experience of adventure, but as a way for us to connect with the world and other cultures.

In summer 2016, we got engaged and moved in together into a downtown DC apartment that August. The next few wonderful months had even more international adventures and by Christmas, we had brought a furry friend into our home. Felix Pickles is a black exotic shorthair cat, who is a lovable weirdo. He is cuddly, friendly, and strange, and we love him even more so because of this.

The following two years were filled with travel, marriage, and other adventures. Together, we traveled to some exciting places, including Israel, Jordan, Ireland, France, Cuba, and Portugal. Both of us finished our Master's degrees and Jenny started flying helicopters again, picking it up as a hobby after her career in the Army as a pilot. We also got Felix a sister - a black and white exotic shorthair named Freyja, who is also a weirdo. We love them both so much and they occupy a lot of our pictures.

2019 was a year of big changes for us. In addition to the multiple trips taken, we made the big move down to Atlanta in the summer for Scott's new job. Together, we purchased our first house for our little family and over the last year have truly transformed it into a home. This leads us to 2020 where we are currently in our Atlanta home, fortunately both working remotely. While this year has been rough for many, we have been blessed to be healthy and are using the time to focus on the things that matter to us. We are excited to grow our family and the beginnings of our adoption journey!

Our approach to parenting starts from how Jenny and I have built our relationship. Together, we believe that compromise and understanding are the keys to a relationship. And these influence how we see parenting and raise a child.

We also have a true partnership in every sense of the word. We share everything and are equal partners, which is something very important to us. All responsibilities, from financial to household chores, are handled equally. We both believe we will be a solid influence and provide a stable and happy home to a child for them to thrive and become the best version of themselves.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta, Georgia. It is a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom contemporary style home with a small front yard and a private backyard space. While it isn’t a mansion, it is very spacious for us and our kitties and has plenty of space to raise a child. And as that child grows, they will have a great indoor space to explore and outdoor space to run around.

The home is located in a small quiet community on the north end of Atlanta, about a 10-minute drive from the events and businesses in the city. We absolutely love the community we live in. Most of the families and neighbors are roughly the same age and many of them have small children. The neighborhood is very diverse, with families from all backgrounds living in the area. The area is very walkable, has lots of green space, and there are several parks within 1 mile of our house.


adoptive family photo - Jenny I am a tall typical mid-Western girl. I was born and raised in a very small town in rural Michigan with my parents and one older brother. I spent most of my young life outside, climbing trees, and exploring with my friends. My upbringing helped shape me into someone that is outgoing, adventurous, patient, and caring. I’ve always been an active person by participating in all the sports and activities that are offered. As an adult, my favorite hobbies include flying, running with Scott, and playing volleyball when able.

A few of my favorites:
Activity: Flying!! I am a certified flight instructor and helicopter tour pilot. And I am working to get my private pilots license for airplanes now.
Book Genre: Historical fiction
Drink: Coffee
Food: Tacos
Movie: Jurassic Park
Vacation: A tie between our honeymoon in Jordan and Israel and this one adventure in Liechtenstein with Scott and some fondue

As I mentioned above, flying is my passion and something I’m very fortunate to be able to do. I attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and when I graduated I was sent to flight school to become a helicopter pilot. I served roughly eight years of activity duty service before I decided to move to Washington DC and switch careers. Since that time, I’ve been with the same company, but in various capacities. Since 2017, I have worked from home as a Capture Manager (basically a specific type of Program Manager) and have really loved the career change. During this time, I also went back to get my Master’s Degree from American Military University and I also recertified my helicopter licenses and earned my flight instructor rating. I stay pretty busy, but I am very thankful for having a full time job with great benefits, coworkers, and flexibility and my part time helicopter job which is my passion and absolute joy to do.
I have always had it in my heart to adopt if able, and when I met Scott it was something we talked about while dating and we decided that it was something we both wanted to do. Since we’ve been married a few years, both are stable in our careers, I have exceptional flexibility with my work from home job, we finally decided it was the right time to pursue adoption to grow our family.


adoptive family photo - Scott I am a tall, half-Caucasian, half-Hispanic middle child of three. My older brother is only a year and a half older, and my younger brother is only two and a half years younger. My mother is from Cuba and my father is from Ohio, and that combination drives my personality. I was born in New Jersey, but moved down to Roswell, Georgia at age 7. After graduating high school, I went to college at University of Miami in Florida, and stayed in South Florida after graduation until 2014. In that year, I took a leap of faith and started a new career and adventure in Washington DC, where I met Jenny. Overall, I would say I am a reserved but warm person, who cares greatly about his family and would do anything for them. I love video games, running, and traveling. My Hispanic heritage is important to me, and I continue to practice speaking Spanish as often as I get a chance to.

These are a few of my favorite things:
Activity: Running and video games (either Playstation or PC), though not at the same time
Book Genre: Science fiction and mystery (e.g. Stephen King, Jim Butcher)
Drink: Coffee, red wine
Food: Osso bucco or Pollo milanesa
Movie: Up, The Dark Knight, The Usual Suspects
Music: Mostly hard rock, rock, and metal - from Tool to Machine Head
Vacation: Paris with Jenny or Colombia

I work in market research, doing surveys for larger companies both in the United States and internationally. From 2014 to 2016, I worked for a non-profit research institute in Washington DC that supported lots of international development organizations, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, and UNICEF. I switched jobs to Pew Research Center in 2016, focusing my research on international religion and social issues. I left that organization in 2019 to take a job at Synchrony Financial in 2019, where I relocated with Jenny and the kitties to Atlanta. I have a Masters degree from Central Michigan University and Bachelors degrees from University of Miami and Florida International University.

Until I met Jenny, I had never thought about adoption, but it was always something I was curious about. We both talked extensively about it when we started dating and realized it was something we both wanted for ourselves. And now that my work has become more flexible, we both want to proceed with an adoption.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Jenny & Scott

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