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Christine & John

Hello, Hello, Hello!

We're John and Christine and we're hoping to grow our pack through adoption.

We've been together for 18 years and though we've tried, we have not been able to have a baby of our own. Our journey has been about loss, and we know yours likely has been, too. But, we also believe that loss can crack a heart wide open and that the space left behind can be filled with hope - for all of us.

We respect your journey, we want to support you in your decision, whatever that may be. If you do choose us as the parents for your baby, we will love that baby fiercely, always.

Currently, we live in Upstate New York with our best boy, Gussy, a Beagle, and the sweetest girl, Doodle, a Chiweenie, and we know they will be the best canine siblings a child could ask for!

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Who We Are

We are a fun-loving couple who live in Clinton, NY with our two dogs, Gussy and Doodle.

Our home is filled with laughter. Most nights, after dinner, you can find us doubled-over laughing at silly inside jokes while we're cleaning the kitchen.

We love to walk our dogs through the small village where we live. Ever seen 'Gilmore Girls'? Most people say our village reminds them of a real-life Stars Hollow!

In the summer, Christine belongs to a local country club that has a small lake where she loves to swim. The club's beach house caters to kids with daily activities and swimming lessons.

In the evening, John loves to start a fire in the backyard fire pit and listen to music while the dogs play in their fenced-in area.

We love to travel. We have a favorite spot in Maine that we visit 2 or 3 times a year. We're also working on seeing all 50 states with only 6 left to go. Road trips are life!

Christine is a college professor who teaches all of her courses online so she is home most days while John works for a local telecommunications company. We were both working there nearly 20 years ago when we met and haven't been apart since!

Currently, Christine is also working on a PhD in Literacy and John is on the board of a local leadership organization.

Our friends describe us as "ambitious", "kind", and "funny". We love to hang out with friends, many of whom have kids, and we are lucky to also have close-knit families. One of Christine's cousins is expecting a baby right now and we're looking forward to raising our kids together, just like we were.

We're not perfect, no one is. John has a tendency to be messy, Christine has a tendency to get stressed about the mess. But we love each other, we have an awesome support system, we live in a wonderful community, we're healthy and happy, and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky!

Adoption Diary

Cozy, snowy day

It’s a cold and snowy day here. These are the type of days we like to hunker down and watch a movie after finishing up our work. The dogs seem to feel the same way since they’ve both been wrapped up in blankets snoozing all day. It’s a welcome change after a fun, but busy, October.

We had several friends stop by over the weekend. A few even brought their kids for some early trick-or-treating. Our house is always popular because we believe you should “go big or go home” so we always give out full-size candy bars and other treats.

Next, we’ll be onto the business of Thanksgiving. Christine’s mom is known for her homemade pies and bakes up to thirty each Thanksgiving so that keeps Christine busy as she usually helps out. Then, we’ll have dinner with John’s family. It will be a small gathering this year due to COVID. The holidays will probably look different this year for all of us. But, hopefully, the things that matter most, like keeping in touch with family and friends, will still endure.

Spooky Season!

We love to decorate for Halloween and this year decided to do something a bit scarier than usual and transformed our dining room into a morgue!

We would have loved to have had a party but because of COVID decided to just have a few friends over instead for dinner in our “morgue”.

We can’t wait to make all holidays special for our little one, too!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Christine & John

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Christine & John