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Top 10 of the last ten years

On our tenth anniversary, we went out to dinner, and we challenged each other to come up with top 10 lists related to our ten years of marriage. I can’t remember all the tens we came up with, but we had a few fun ones:

Top 10 places we’ve traveled (from what I can remember, this definitely included France, Murchison Falls in Uganda, Thailand, and Mendocino, CA)

Top 10 meals we’ve made at home (again—not an exhaustive list, but included steak frites, mussels with white wine and chorizo, tomato confit pasta, and buttermilk roast chicken)

Top 10 meals we’ve eaten out (see the theme?? Fish tacos in San Diego @ Oscars, strawberries from a market in France, khao soi in Thailand, pizza from our favorite spot down the street in Minneapolis)

There’s a lot of top 10s. We had a lot to celebrate that night as we gratefully reviewed a decade of life together. Of course—it hasn’t always been rainbows and unicorns. We’ve had some seriously hard days, disappointments we couldn’t have anticipated, and grief that took us by surprise. Even our journey to adoption was filled with ups and downs, long conversations, and late nights wondering what the future might hold. But it’s been a journey filled with treasures along the way—learning to communicate and listen, valuing the perspective of your partner even when it may be different than yours, practicing patience with one another so you can get on the same page and move forward with unity. Journeying towards adoption is by far one of the greatest gift of the last 10 years and we’re looking forward to what’s around the bend.

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