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Chris & Crystal

Chef Chris & Nurse Crystal-- Waiting patiently for our angel

We’ve always believed in angels but we never knew they were here on earth. Your selfless act of love will provide us with the missing piece in our hearts. Being placed with your baby will be a dream come true. We have had several miscarriages and with each one, we feel that we lost a piece of ourselves, but you are giving us a reason to hope and for that; we are forever grateful. It's hard to find words when it's the one thing in this world that we want more than anything. We can't begin to imagine how you are feeling but we want to be there for you. The Childs maker and number one love. Knowing every smile or mannerism the baby will have will forever remind us of you. You may feel lost or scared but always remember you give life to people who aren't able. There is nothing more powerful or courageous. There are no words to fully explain the gratitude we have for what you are selflessly offering.

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We met through Chris’s father. We were both single and Chris’s dad felt we were meant to meet. He sent Crystal a message through facebook and asked her for her phone number so he could give it to Chris. We ended up chatting that night for hours. It felt easy because we had so much in common! We actually talked about children that night and we both knew we wanted to have a family. We didn’t realize the challenges and struggles we would face. I know we are meant to be together because he is my strength when I am weak. I am his hope when he is hopeless and together we have an insurmountable amount of love to provide a child or children.

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Chris & Crystal
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Chris & Crystal