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Our Story

Our story begins online. Before the days of smart phones, when online dating still required an actual desktop! Adam say my profile and sent me a wave. I ignored him. He sent me a smiley. I ignored him. Finally when he sent an email, I thought about it—but I had to pay $59.95 for a full membership in order to read it. I was a poor student so that money was a BIG deal. After a few days I caved in and paid it, and we still joke sometimes that I didn’t get my money’s worth. :-)
Ever since then, life has been an adventure! We’ve lived in the city, the forest, and on the coast. We settled in Southern Oregon, between the giant redwood trees and the gorgeous rocky beaches. Abigail loves to play in the cold water, and collect shells, rocks, and baby jellyfish.

Our weekly rhythm is family time, church activities, work, and occasionally organized chaos! On Sunday morning, we are often found in Abigail's room, trying to reason with a 4-year-old for why the short-sleeve dress is not a good option for a snow day, or just plain convincing her to wear clothing at all. We arrive at church and Adam makes a bee-line for the sound booth to talk tech with his buddies, while Abigail runs for the nursery/ preschool and hugs her friends. She loves to stay in worship through the opening music, and then proudly knows the way to kid's church, where she hears the children's message (and occasionally gets her favorite treat--popcorn and Goldfish). After church, she usually falls into bed for a long nap from sheer exhaustion, and mommy and daddy get to enjoy a leisurely lunch and time to talk. Sundays are dedicated family time. Monday and Tuesday are mommy-daughter days (Jocelyn works Wed-Friday), and we are often found at the community center pool, playdates, shopping, or at local coffee or kombucha shops (yay, Portland!). Our neighborhood is super walkable, so we rarely drive, opting instead to shop local and carry our bakery breads and organic veggies in backpacks. Abigail's favorite restaurant is Por Que No, where she proudly orders 2 tacos for herself. On the way home, we often stop by the playground to burn off some energy, then return home for nap and family time after Adam gets home. 3 days a week, Abigail goes to preschool while Jocelyn works as a physician. Abigail's teachers adore her and treat her like family, and Abigail takes particular pride in her finger-painting and macaroni art. After school, she and Adam have "daddy-daughter-dates" and will visit Home Depot, Mr Plywood, or go for walks to the park. On days when mommy has meetings late, they walk to our local Thai restaurant, where the family owners know them by name and prepare the same order each time--generously adding a few extra diced mangoes on top for Abigail. Abigail had a wonderful nanny for the first 3 years of her life, and Amity is still our primary babysitter and basically an "adopted" family member to Abigail. Our families live a few hours away, but visit often and are very active in Abigail's life. Due to my work schedule as a doctor, we sometimes can't travel for exact holidays, but have built fun new traditions and often vacation together with extended family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love our home on the Oregon coast. We can walk to the beach, where Abby plays in the surf and collects rocks and baby jellyfish, then return home to sit by our cozy fireplace. Our hardwood floors seem to echo the pitter-patter of tiny feet, especially in the German felt house slippers that Abigail wears to keep her toes warm. We have tall ceilings and a spiral staircase, where Abby loves to make a grand entrance from her princess playroom, and Adam loves to fly remote-control airplanes, taking particular joy in buzzing my hair while I am cooking. One time, I trapped the airplane in a frying pan!
Abby’s room has pale pink walls and an extra bed, which she proudly announces is waiting for her “baby sister or brother.” The beautiful handmade crib, lovingly crafted by Adam himself from natural wood and beeswax finish, also stands ready to welcome a new baby.
We love living in a rural small town. Mild weather year-round means hiking, biking, and outdoor play. We can walk to our church, parks, playgrounds, restaurants and shopping. Grandma and grandpa live nearby, and Abby can often be found helping out with their chickens, bees, and enormous greenhouse, or munching on peas, carrots, tomatoes, and kale fresh from the garden!
We designed our home to grow with our family, including a separate apartment for family and friends, who often come to visit and would be thrilled to help out with a new baby.
We can't wait to grow our family into the loving spaces of our hearts and home.

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Jocelyn and Adam

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Jocelyn and Adam