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Cuddling with Daddy

Leonardo woke up today not feeling so well, and so all he wanted was to cuddle up with daddy. Eduardo and I are so grateful that we both can work from home, we are able to comfort our children and be there for them at anytime. Read more »

Building A Snowman

We always have so much playing in the snow, we live about 40 minutes away from the snow play area. The kids have so much fun and we can’t wait to have your child help us build a snowman and play around in the snow with us ☃️. Read more »

Splish Splash Fun!

Our kids love splashing in the water, it is such a blessing to see them having so much fun, that’s what life is all about :) I’m sure your child is going to love playing in the water and well. Read more »

Beautiful Walk Today

Today we went out for a walk to get to know our neighborhood better. It was a beautiful and relaxing walk :) Can’t wait to take your child out for walks in the stroller to enjoy the morning sun :) Read more »

Flowers For You

Leonardo loves picking flowers, especially these purple ones. I’m sure your child is going to love picking flowers as well, there are so many colorful ones where we live. Read more »

Yummy Monster

This weekend the boys wanted to make their own snack, so they got very creative :) Looks delicious! I think your child is going to have a blast being creative in the kitchen with us :) Read more »

Happy Halloween!

We are so excited to celebrate Halloween this year in our new house :) Can’t wait to dress up your child in cute little halloween clothe :) Read more »

Swimming at Night

It’s so much fun swimming when it’s dark outside, we’re so happy that the weather is still nice and warm here in San Diego :) Read more »

Going Shopping at Target

Leonardo loves going to Target, he loves sitting inside the cart and looking at all the items they have in the aisles. And of course he loves the toy section, I think your child will love going shopping with us! Read more »

We LOVE gardening!

Gardening is so much fun! We just got some fresh peppers at our local nursery. Can’t wait to share these moments with your precious child! Read more »

Loving Nature

Leonardo and I decided to go shopping for some plants this morning! It was so nice! Gorgeous weather and beautiful nursery ❤️ Read more »

Our Fruit Trees

We have so many fruit trees! Your child is certainly going to love to help us pick fruits. We have oranges, grapefruits, limes, avocados and tangerines! Read more »

Loving Each Other

Our families love for each other is the number one priority. We show constant care, respect and support every moment spent together. Read more »

Pumpkin time!

Fall is here and we have so much fun carving and decorating pumpkins, can’t wait to share these special momeries with your child! Read more »

Halloween Shopping Spootacular

Christopher and Leonardo love to go halloween shopping. It’s so much fun to look at all the scary decorations and see what costume and decorations we want. Can’t wait to have your child be part of all this spooky fun! Read more »

Fun Day at the Zoo

We love going to The San Diego Zoo and The Wild Animal Park. The boys love animals and they especially like the elephants and monkeys. I’m sure your child is going to love seeing all these animals and enjoying feeding the giraffes. Read more »

Reading Time

Leonardo loves to read and so does Christopher. Reading is such a big part of our day, we have a library with so many different types of books. Read more »

Cookie Time

Our kids love to cook and bake. Leonardo & Christopher make the best chocolate chip cookies ever! Hopefully your child will enjoy this fun family activity with us. Read more »

First Fish Ever Caught!

One of Christopher’s favorite things to do is to go fishing. We live near a beautiful lake where people go fishing and camping. When Christopher caught his first fish we were all so very happy for him, he was so proud of himself! Can’t wait to share these experiences with your child. Read more »

Makeup Time

Mommy loves when her kids put makeup on her…at the end she looks like a silly clown, but it’s just so much fun! Can’t wait for your child to be part of these precious moments! Read more »

Visiting Grandma’s House

Visiting Grandma’s house is Christopher’s and Leonardo’s favorite place to go. They enjoy eating Grandma’s food, taking bubble baths there and drawing. Read more »

So Beachy

Beautiful day at the beach, we can’t wait to share these special moments with your child. Read more »

We Love To Cook

When we’re cooking together as a family it makes each meal even more special Making meatloaf, superhero pancakes and giant pizzas are our favorite dishes to make together. Read more »

Grandpa Reading

Grandpa Carlos loves reading books to our kiddos! Grandpa Carlos is so very excited to become a grandpa again! He loves kids and enjoys reading and playing games with them. Read more »

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Here's a glimpse into who we are and our everyday lives with some Brazilian culture and San Diego living.

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