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Amanda Jane & Greg

Adoption means a baby is loved and cherished by more than one family.

Adopted children are loved in a deeply profound way. Genetics and biology are certainly not prerequisites to make a great family because LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE. We believe love is at the core of our family. It helps build and strengthen us. We are ready, excited, and honored to grow our family with adoption. Adoption made Amanda Jane a Mommy for the first time and her journey was magical. Her experience inspired us to embrace this path.

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Greg and Amanda Jane knew instantly that they had found their soulmate. It was incredibly clear that they were made for each other when they discovered their beliefs in the power of positivity and faith, and their shared desire for a family that is close, full of love, and supportive of each other's dreams.

Greg was working in California, but traveling back and forth from his home in Florida when they met. After just a few weeks, Greg decided to rent an apartment in Southern California in order to get to know Amanda Jane and her daughter, Phoebe much better. As a surprise, Greg changed his work and travel schedule so that they could spend more time together. Immediately, Greg was enjoying dinners at Amanda Jane's home with her daughter and her parents. Greg learned quickly that this was the right path.

When he got an offer to lead a team in Phoenix, there was no question that Amanda Jane and Phoebe would join him. They began house hunting and did six road trips to find the perfect HOME for their family, along with the best school and welcoming neighborhood. The house they chose is nestled in a mountain preserve with incredible desert landscape views, while the city is a short drive south.

Amanda Jane and Greg are so thrilled to raise Phoebe and Baby together because their relationship was founded on the power of positivity and the faith that they can handle ANYTHING together. What they also know for sure, is that they are ecstatic to become parents to Baby and raise him or her with the same golden rules of love and respect. They choose to enter each day with hugs, kisses,fun and silliness. Their foundation of this faith in each other, their children, and the world allows them to step forward as parents, always and forever in love and able to teach their children that love is vital in all we do, and that we must illustrate our love and compassion, always.

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Amanda Jane & Greg