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We met back in 2014 at a Holiday market in downtown
NYC where we were both working. Luck had it that
our tables were across from each other and we hit if off
immediately and soon started dating. Before long, Matt
proposed to Megan on Thanksgiving day 2015 at her
close friends beautiful estate. We knew we found our
person and did not want to wait so instead of planning a
prolonged and big wedding, we eloped on January 3rd,
2016 in south Florida with a small group of loved ones by
our side and celebrate with us. Our wedding was short,
sweet, small and simple. The highlights were that it was
outdoors on a beautiful day, we wrote our own vows and
Megan walked down the aisle to Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy
Lady.” It was just what we imagined, a day to remember
but not stress over and a moment in our lives we could
share with our closest family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home With Megan’s 15 years of nanny experience and Matt’s new found experience raising Charlie we are confident in our approach to raising a child. We’ve learned that children find comfort in routines so our days are often filled with activities that are not only fun and teach lessons but offer contentment and security after a long day. An average weekday for us always consist of well balanced meals, education and plenty of play time and quality time with either Megan, Matt or both. These simple and engaging routines give children a sense of comfort knowing what is to come on a regular basis. If you ask Charlie at dinner what she wants to do next, she’ll happily reply, “Take a bath, watch TV, have a snack, read a book and go to bed!” Our weekends are also important to us since we spend the entirety of it together as a family and we often go on adventures like trips to zoos, the city museums, movie theaters or visiting grandparents and extended family.


adoptive family photo - Megan Megan at her core, she is warm hearted and kind but also fierce and passionate towards her family, friends and her beliefs. She is the type of woman you want on your side, she will fight for what is right and will always be ready to offer thoughtful advice to those who seek it. She is not only a guiding light for me, but friends and family members as well. As a mother, she is incredibly talented, adventurous and wise and I feel lucky to have someone who is as experienced as her to raise our child together. In fact, there are many things inspiring about Megan, from her creativity, to her passion for gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights to her commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit. Her moral compass always points true north and when giving advice it always comes from rational and down to earth thinking.


adoptive family photo - Matt The first thing I noticed about Matt was how nice, polite, and genuinely happy he was towards everyone that approached him. A rare trait in any city and something that I had been looking for in a partner. He had beautiful eyes and a kind spirit and I knew right away that he was different than most. I would come to love his child-like outlook on the world and his constant optimism. Matt shines his positivity on all circumstances and lightens my world while I keep his feet on the ground and his head in the game. A perfect match! Matt is always up for anything, open minded, and ready to support Charlie and me in all that we do. He is fiercely dedicated to his family for better or for worse and ready to help whenever needed. He is the sparkly glue that keeps our family full of happiness, creativity, and positivity.

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Megan, Matt and Charlotte

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Megan, Matt and Charlotte