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Bike park

There is a bike park near our house with tracks for kids that is one of our favorite places to visit Read more »

Bring on the liquid gold!

We are so lucky to have friends that continually donate breast milk to us for our adopted babes.  Everyone is so supportive of our desire to feed our babies breast milk.  We are proud to say that one third of L’s diet his entire first year came from donor milk and for C it was one half!  We are so Read more »

Nature walk

Now that it’s fall, it’s finally cooling off some in the mornings so we can spend some time outside.  It has been a long time coming!  We live near this park that has trails and ponds and tons of animals. Read more »

Homeschool time!

We finally pulled the trigger and decided to homeschool for pre-k this year.  Our setup turned out so nicely and the boys are loving it so far. Read more »

Cousin lake trip!

It’s felt like an extra long summer this year with the pandemic.  We love that we live a few minutes away from cousins so we can take afternoon lake trips together! Read more »

An escape from the heat

We finally took a much-needed trip to escape the end-of-summer heat.  The boys had a blast riding quads, the mini RZR, and just running around camp looking for bugs. This is the view out of the back of our trailer. Read more »

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