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Scott and Katie "technically" met when Katie moved into Scott's neighborhood when she was 3 and Scott was 12. He came over to her house for scouts and when Katie answered the door in a pull-up, it was love at first sight! Not really, but after about 15 years of Scott hanging around Katie's older brother (and Katie), we decided to start dating and in 2011, we were married.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home A few years ago, we purchased and remodeled a 5-bedroom basement home in an established neighborhood. We did much of the work ourselves, and to say we love how it all turned out would be an understatement! It really is the perfect house for us and has so much room for growth! L also loves the fact that there are always neighbor kids out to ride bikes or swim with.

Scott (according to Katie)

adoptive family photo - Scott (according to Katie) Growing up just down the street from each other, Scott was always my older brother's best friend. We became best friends as I got older, and as I would go to him for dating advice, I realized that he was exactly what I was looking for in a future spouse. What stood out the most to me was that he is strong in our religion, he is driven in his education and career, he is great with kids, and he is fun to be around (although enjoys pushing my buttons at times!). He genuinely always wants me to be happy and constantly showers me with compliments and kisses. Although he "tries" to look tough and do tough things, he is a big teddy bear and a solid provider for our family. Watching Scott walk through the door and hearing the boys yell, "Dada!!!" and the bear hugs that follow will never get old, and we can't wait to add more children to the mix.

Katie (according to Scott)

adoptive family photo - Katie (according to Scott) Throughout the time that I have known Katie, she has always been a fun and loving person to be around. Her love for me has always been unconditional and unwavering and I have seen her pass that same love to our kids while dedicating her life to making sure they are loved, happy and safe. I have never seen someone with as much energy to play with and love children as she does! That is probably why my family loves her so much and loves to have their children spend time with her. She has such a deep love for children that she gives them her all, sometimes even making me a little bit jealous! One of the reasons we initially became best friends is because Katie is very easy to get along with. I know that Katie is excited to have more children that she can raise, spend time with, and become best friends with.

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Scott + Katie

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