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And just like that, the holidays are here!

I can’t believe it is already mid December. This is was so tough for so many reasons, but it also had so many blessings. In the middle of a pandemic we found ourselves thankful for having jobs and even being able to buy a new home. Nothing feels more like home than decorating for the holidays! Our dogs love the new place and specially the fireplace! Our hopes are renewed with a new year coming in and we know 2021 will be the year we will become a family of 3. We would love to get to know you both mom and support Read more »

Pie time

It’s been a while since I posted here! We were so busy moving and now we are better settled (not fully) in our new home. Thanksgiving is this week and this is officially our first holiday in the new home. I love the holidays and cannot wait to celebrate many more here. As a practice before the big meal, I made a an apple Read more »

Calm before the storm

As we get ready to move to our new home everything seems so stressful. This is a good reason, moving to a new home, more space more room for a baby, but still super stressful. So my stress response is to cook/bake :) This weekend I made merengues! They were perfect and even Loki wanted one. Here is to hoping some sugar and Read more »


I love fall season (not as much as summer), but it is so beautiful in the Pacific Northwest when all the leaves start changing, and our wardrobe mostly boots and scarves. The on thin we are looking forward when we are parents is to go to the hayrides, pumpkin patches, etc. We cannot wait to share all these family outings Read more »

New Home!

The past few have been crazy busy, but overall we are so excited- we just bought a new home!  I cannot wait to have even more room and huge backyard for our kiddo. The great news it is still in the same community we are in, so friends and family will have plenty of space to visit! Read more »

End of summer fires

This weekend was a quiet one. Mostly because we had to stay indoors since the wind has shifted and brought the Oregon and California fire smoke to Washington state. Thankfully we have A/C and an air purifier, so we stayed cool inside. Such a tough year all around but rain is coming soon- it is Seattle after all. Read more »


September is such a special month to us! We celebrate all things: anniversary, birthdays (including the dog’s birthday too). This year we had to get creative since we could not travel. So instead we went to the Herbfarm for dinner. We had an amazing meal with many curses, but the most fun part was to visit their garden Read more »

The big birthday!

Next week is my birthday, I turn the big 4.0! Because we are still in a pandemic I cannot have a party or celebrate how I want it, so instead we are planning to go for a beautiful drive on the coast. This is the last of the summer like weather we will get in Seattle and within a few weeks it will get cooler and the leaves Read more »

Weekend fun

This last Sunday it was an abnormally hot day in Seattle. We normally do not get into the 90’s but this past Sunday it was 98 degrees! So in order to stay cool we got out A/C out for our bedroom, and also filled our kiddie pool. I love enjoying our backyard, and now with the “pool” and a new hammock it is Read more »

Summer in Seattle

We love the PNW, especially sunny summer days. In a normal year we would be going to concerts outdoors at the parks or wineries; or attending one of the many festivals that happen in our area. But due to the pandemic we are home a lot more. That means working on house projects: painting the fence, etc. One great thing we Read more »

Puppy trouble

The weather was beautiful in Seattle, but we were preoccupied with other issues. Our dog Lola is getting to be a little older- she will be 10 years old next month. On Saturday her right eye would not open and we got very concerned since she is starting to show signs of some cataract. So we gave it a day but then on Sunday Read more »

Rest and relaxation

We just got back home from a very relaxing weekend in Hood River,OR. We were able to be outside in nature and the weather was beautiful. We also drove around something called “fruit loop”. It is a 20 miles loop around the highway where you can stop at local fruit stands and purchase fruit in season. We actually Read more »

Road trip!!!

This weekend we needed a get away. After being at home for 4 months due to the pandemic we rented a hotel room and left for Hood River, Oregon. This town is beautiful located on the Columbia River. We are excited to explore, swim and hike this weekend. The photo is the view from our hotel room. Read more »

Golden Gardens

This past weekend we had incredible weather in Seattle. So we decided to do an urban hike and walk to Golden Gardens, a beach and park on the Puget Sound. You can see the Olympic Mountains on a clear day, swim or even fish for crab! It was a beautiful walk for a Sunday.  The picture below I took form one of the piers Read more »

New baking skills-French macaron

One of my favorite things to do is baking and cooking. This last weekend I took a class of how to make French macarons. I think they turned out really well! I made pistachio and peach flavored ones. They are gluten free since they are made with almond flour. I will definitely be making these again! Read more »


It is nice to meet you! This is our first diary entry and I wanted to note how exciting and nervous I am feeling. This journey has been tough but we are so hopeful about this next step. Today in Seattle we got some exciting news: we just officially got a new pro hockey team named: meet the Seattle Kraken! We love sports and Read more »

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