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The Famous Hamish

In another edition of finding ways to keep boys’ never-ending tank of energy at a reasonable level, I took the Little’s on a bike ride today.
We have a rule in our house (every Summer but especially this Quarantine Summer) that you get an hour of game time in the morning and an hour in the evening but in between, it’s books, board games, and at least one physical activity. Most Summers, I have a summer camp type itinerary planned so we have one fun activity a day as well. This is anything from the library to Top Golf or Arkadia which is my personal fave. It’s an old school indoor arcade with only the retro arcade machines so I flip for it as much as the boys to go play Frogger and Donkey Kong. Unfortunately, because of COVID, we are HEAVILY relying on puzzles and board games and a lot of movie days so it’s probably a good thing we make the boys do SOMETHING active every day! At the beginning of this quarantine, we were very good about a two mile run every day, myself (Whitney) included! Now that it’s so hot out, we’ve come to favor our bike rides.
Our driveway connects to one of the best multipurpose paths in the state that also connects to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and when it’s not a COVID ridden world, that’s another fun itinerary activity to go to the museum on bikes and play in the kid’s area for a while and stop by the cafe for a treat before the bike ride back home. But, ya know, not now.
Anyway, today, we got to see a semi-rare spotting of Famous Hamish! He is this hilarious cat that belongs to someone who lives by the museum but Hamish is not one for anonymity or boundaries! He’s a wanderer, a schmoozer, if you will. He’s a sweet cat that is now fitted with a collar that specifically tells those who might meet him and not be in the know that he is not, in fact, lost but rather in charge of this here path and he will benevolently let you cross if you leave him where he is. This cat has become such a fixture, his spottings are documented on the Crystal Bridges page regularly and people post pictures all over Instagram of him in various hot spots or by the outdoor statues making friends. Needless to say, Jeremiah (our animal lover) HAD to stop and say hi so we will happily add our sighting to Instagram! And now you have spotted him too! So if you’re looking for something fun to fill your time in this very boring COVID world, check his Instagram account out at @famous_hamish ! And make sure to look out for our photo in the hashtag! ❤️

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