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A Piece-a de Pizza

A few years ago, Jesse and I took the Little’s (Jeremiah and Jacob) to Italy while the Bigs (Lleyton and Colin) were in China with their mom and stepdad. Jeremiah and Jake got to see all of the sights in Rome- the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Vatican City. We traveled around Italy as well and saw the leaning Tower of Piza, Bologna, and some other amazing places. But what they remember most is the pizza. They LOVED pizza in Italy. In fact, today I was talking to my best friend and I was telling her that I honestly think Read more »

The Famous Hamish

In another edition of finding ways to keep boys’ never-ending tank of energy at a reasonable level, I took the Little’s on a bike ride today. We have a rule in our house (every Summer but especially this Quarantine Summer) that you get an hour of game time in the morning and an hour in the evening but in between, it’s Read more »

Making the Case for Siblings

We have spent the last two months educating ourselves on the various aspects and issue relevant to the adoption triad (birth parent, adoptive parent, and adoptee) through books, articles, and social media. We are a member of Facebook groups that connect expectant parents and adoptive parents in hopes of finding the right fit! Read more »

Another Day in the life of COVID

Keeping four boys busy during a pandemic has proven to be a daunting but necessary task! This week, Lleyton and Colin are at their mother’s house but we are still seeing Lleyton every day because a) he drives and b) the Westfalia that he and Jesse are restoring is calling his name. Meanwhile, the younger two (or the Read more »

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We are a crazy fun and loving family, just trying to get the most out of life together!!

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