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Our Story

We are Jesse and Whitney and we are a comfortable duo of yin and yang. We met in January 2007 when Whitney started a new part-time job as a preschool teacher while she was in college. Jesse was recently divorced and had two boys, Lleyton and Colin, who attended the preschool at the ages of 2 and 3. Colin had a little trouble in class with biting when he first started and when Whitney was assigned as his new teacher for the semester, she was instantly in love with this sweet little boy with a huge grin but a penchant for mischief. Whitney and Jesse met over a parent conference and became friends, which became more. We still to this day regularly thank Colin for being the spark that created a wonderful life for us all.

Since then, Whitney and Jesse have had two boys together as well but all four boys are Whitney's through and through. We share joint custody with their mother and have switched week by week for years and have an excellent relationship with the other household. It's truly made their life better having four parents who care deeply for them working together as as a team.
The four boys are slightly infamous because we are just a soccer family and now Whitney is right in the middle in terms of height so it's always fun to walk around with our gaggle of tall boys.

Lleyton is the oldest at 17 and is just starting his senior year of high school. He is funny, appreciates sarcasm but tends to be more tenderhearted, and is responsible to a point that just seems too lucky to be true as parents. His hobbies are vast because he's a "try it for a week and if I hate it, move on" kind of guy but for now, he's really into restoring a Westfalia he and his dad bought as a project. His one constant is soccer. Lleyton plays goalie for his high school team and he was made captain last season, a role he takes very seriously. He intends to go to school for something in physics (we are trying to encourage him to pursue astrophysics which is his passion but he thinks won't be sensible).

Colin is our most introverted kid at 15 but make no mistake, he's always thinking and when he speaks out about something, it's always poignant and necessary. He's wise beyond his years but because he doesn't talk your ear off, it's easy to not notice that. Whitney and Colin bonded instantly when they first met because they are two souls of the same cloth. Colin is an avid reader who can outpace even Whitney in book consumption. Their combined Barnes and Noble bill can be a little pricey. Colin also plays soccer and loves it. He is on his high school's JV team and is not sure yet if he intends to play in college or not but knows he wants to play on a league for fun growing up like his dad does. Colin's hobbies besides soccer and reading are video games and mountain biking. He's fearless and has caused Whitney many a panic attacks watching from the sidelines.

Jeremiah is our sensitive soul at 12. He has a true passion for animals and has an almost sixth sense for knowing when an animal is within 50 feet of them and will not stop until he has pet them all. Jeremiah plays the cello in his school orchestra group and loves to play video games with friends and ride his bike downtown to get a snow cone in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter. He hopes to become a veterinarian one day and is about to start 7th grade.

Jacob is our 10 year old wild inventor who has a penchant for creative problem solving. He loves to craft things using every day tools and we are just learning the importance of asking Mom and Dad before we start pulling apart things in the house. : / Aside from that, he's highly intelligent and has an incredible memory for memorizing poems. One day he hopes to become a writer and illustrator.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is made for kids that's how we like it. It's nicely appointed but there is no pomp and circumstance! Our home is well loved and lived in and the kitchen table is the most frequented place in the house. We have a tennis court in the back yard as well as a new treehouse we just built! Our house is our favorite and we've lived here since 1 month before our 10 year old was born so he's only known this home. It sits at the top of one of the most intricate and well maintained mountain bike trail systems in the world and we are just a 5 minute car or 10 minute bike ride away from the downtown area where all of the good stuff is! We make daily trips from our driveway to a local creek system, mountain bike trails, and the bike path leads to our favorite local art museum so that always makes for a fun outing.


adoptive family photo - Jesse Jesse (Enneagram 3) is a sales consultant for some of the major retailers and the companies who sell to them. He is just...the best. Jesse has a karma that makes everyone a friend and he is the kind of dude who will do anything for a friend. His heart is just the biggest and his passion for his kids takes up a huge part of his heart. He's the kind of dad who legitimately shares in tasks relating to the kids from diapers to play time to coaching their teams! It's an absolute honor parenting with him. He is the softie in the house, the good cop if you will. But he's very engaged and makes efforts to be at every event, program, or conference for his kids despite his work schedule. His most common activities are travel, mountain biking, tennis, and soccer. All the soccer. He coaches, he plays, he watches. He does it all for soccer! We just opened a bike shop in our downtown area recently and that is now one of Jesse's newest hobbies is going to the shop and putzing around, fixing bikes, riding around. His group of friends is a strong one but always has room for more. He is always willing to bring another couple of people into his circle. The more the merrier!


adoptive family photo - Whitney Whitney (Enneagram 6) is the introvert of the couple who handles the details and acts as the home's honorary nurse (not an actual one, her background is in marketing...she's just raised a bunch of kids and seen it all). She is a Stay At Home Mom and intends to stay that way long after the kiddos go to school. She is a HUGE anglophile and loves all things U.K. Her dream is one day to basically live out the life of Lady Mary from Downton Abbey but for now, the English estate will have to wait and that's ok. She is really into all of the nerd fandoms: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Supernatural, you name it, she loves it......except Star Wars....never could get into it. She also has a very dry witty sense of humor so shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, and Schitt's Creek are her love language. She loves to bake and her boys love to eat so it's a great arrangement. She also is constantly reading something new and runs a local book club that has been running for 9 years! She's the home's Holiday Czar and goes bigger and better every year to try and top herself and create new better memories for her kids each year. Whitney is fiercely loyal to her people and has a very small tight knit group of friends who she pours her heart and soul into.

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