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Adventure Seeking Blended Family of Boys Hoping for a Baby Sister

Hello Friends!
We want to start by saying We know there is nothing we can say you haven't seen or heard before. If you're considering placing your baby with a family for adoption, it's a lofty decision and it can only be made after you've reviewed all of the possibilities! So, dear reader, I sympathize with you over this. We aren’t trying to advertise ourselves like a car, we want to give you any information you might want about us so you have the information you need to make the right decision. We want you to know that even if you're not interested in us as a family for your child if you decide to make an adoption plan, we are always here to just chat.

You are reading this because it's a little like dating. You wanna know more about us! Which is great! We want to tell you ANYTHING you might want to know! But we want to make sure you know that we aren't like eHarmony where we might say we are a hiking, meditating, vegan girl who models on the side and we are actually a guy who eats cheeseburgers and never intends to go vegan. If we say it, we mean it, and also, there are parts of our home life we can't possibly fit in a profile that makes up the best part of our family. We hope if you see something we post here on our page or in our diary that might be part of what you envision your child's future, please feel free to ask or message us! We are so curious about you too and we can't wait to learn more about you and your family. We do not expect you to choose us just because you contact us! We hope you will feel comfortable just getting to know us a little better so you can be sure that we are the right fit for this important decision.

Finally, whatever path you choose for yourself and your baby, we pray that you find happiness and peace. We love your heart for finding the best situation for your baby, whether that is with us, another family, or yourself. We wish for the very best of luck to you and your family!!

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Who We Are

We are Jesse and Whitney and we are a comfortable duo of yin and yang. We met in January 2007 when Whitney started a new part-time job as a preschool teacher while she was in college. Jesse was recently divorced and had two boys, Lleyton and Colin, who attended the preschool at the ages of 2 and 3. Colin had a little trouble in class with biting when he first started and when Whitney was assigned as his new teacher for the semester, she was instantly in love with this sweet little boy with a huge grin but a penchant for mischief. Whitney and Jesse met over a parent conference and became friends, which became more. We still to this day regularly thank Colin for being the spark that created a wonderful life for us all.

Since then, Whitney and Jesse have had two boys together as well but all four boys are Whitney's through and through. We share joint custody with their mother and have switched week by week for years and have an excellent relationship with the other household. It's truly made their life better having four parents who care deeply for them working together as as a team.
The four boys are slightly infamous because we are just a soccer family and now Whitney is right in the middle in terms of height so it's always fun to walk around with our gaggle of tall boys.

Lleyton is the oldest at 17 and is just starting his senior year of high school. He is funny, appreciates sarcasm but tends to be more tenderhearted, and is responsible to a point that just seems too lucky to be true as parents. His hobbies are vast because he's a "try it for a week and if I hate it, move on" kind of guy but for now, he's really into restoring a Westfalia he and his dad bought as a project. His one constant is soccer. Lleyton plays goalie for his high school team and he was made captain last season, a role he takes very seriously. He intends to go to school for something in physics (we are trying to encourage him to pursue astrophysics which is his passion but he thinks won't be sensible).

Colin is our most introverted kid at 15 but make no mistake, he's always thinking and when he speaks out about something, it's always poignant and necessary. He's wise beyond his years but because he doesn't talk your ear off, it's easy to not notice that. Whitney and Colin bonded instantly when they first met because they are two souls of the same cloth. Colin is an avid reader who can outpace even Whitney in book consumption. Their combined Barnes and Noble bill can be a little pricey. Colin also plays soccer and loves it. He is on his high school's JV team and is not sure yet if he intends to play in college or not but knows he wants to play on a league for fun growing up like his dad does. Colin's hobbies besides soccer and reading are video games and mountain biking. He's fearless and has caused Whitney many a panic attacks watching from the sidelines.

Jeremiah is our sensitive soul at 12. He has a true passion for animals and has an almost sixth sense for knowing when an animal is within 50 feet of them and will not stop until he has pet them all. Jeremiah plays the cello in his school orchestra group and loves to play video games with friends and ride his bike downtown to get a snow cone in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter. He hopes to become a veterinarian one day and is about to start 7th grade.

Jacob is our 10 year old wild inventor who has a penchant for creative problem solving. He loves to craft things using every day tools and we are just learning the importance of asking Mom and Dad before we start pulling apart things in the house. : / Aside from that, he's highly intelligent and has an incredible memory for memorizing poems. One day he hopes to become a writer and illustrator.

Adoption Diary

A Piece-a de Pizza

A few years ago, Jesse and I took the Little’s (Jeremiah and Jacob) to Italy while the Bigs (Lleyton and Colin) were in China with their mom and stepdad. Jeremiah and Jake got to see all of the sights in Rome- the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Vatican City. We traveled around Italy as well and saw the leaning Tower of Piza, Bologna, and some other amazing places. But what they remember most is the pizza. They LOVED pizza in Italy. In fact, today I was talking to my best friend and I was telling her that I honestly think that aside from breakfast, the boys ate pizza for every meal except maybe 2 or 3!
When we got home, we decided to try our hand at making our own pizza from scratch after I found a relatively easy recipe for pizza dough courtesy of The Pioneer Woman. It’s something super fun to do with the kids and it guarantees they’ll eat because they made it! Even Jesse who doesn’t like pizza all that much (crazy, right?!) gives it two thumbs up!
I thought I might share the recipe with you guys so you can try a make it yourself pizza night with your own family! Not to get all Pinterest-y with you and make you read our life’s story and connection to pizza before coughing up the recipe, but since you didn’t come here for a recipe at all, I don’t feel guilty about giving you the one we use at the end of this post! It’s pretty easy and it makes about 2 large pizzas or three small/medium sized pizzas.

4 cups flour
1/3 cup olive oil
1 tsp active yeast
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cup very warm water

Mix warm water and yeast in a bowl and let sit.

Combine flour and salt. If you have a mixer, you can use the mixing bowl and use the dough hook for this recipe. If you don’t have a mixer, your hands work just great to combine this dough!

Slowly drizzle the olive oil into the flour mixture and combine with either your hands or on low speed with the dough hook until incorporated.

Then add the warm water/yeast mixture and turn the mixer on medium until combined and the dough fits around the hook OR with your hands until it’s all combined and consistent. The dough is going to be very very sticky!

Finally, grease a large bowl with olive oil and dump the dough into it and cover with plastic wrap for 1 hour or up to 2 hours but no more than that!

When it’s time to cook, preheat oven to 425 degrees. Coat your hands and your pans with olive oil because that dough is STICKY! Place dough onto pans and spread out into desired shape, cover in toppings and pop them in the oven until the edges are crispy and the cheese in the very middle of the pizza is melted. Enjoy!

The Famous Hamish

In another edition of finding ways to keep boys’ never-ending tank of energy at a reasonable level, I took the Little’s on a bike ride today.
We have a rule in our house (every Summer but especially this Quarantine Summer) that you get an hour of game time in the morning and an hour in the evening but in between, it’s books, board games, and at least one physical activity. Most Summers, I have a summer camp type itinerary planned so we have one fun activity a day as well. This is anything from the library to Top Golf or Arkadia which is my personal fave. It’s an old school indoor arcade with only the retro arcade machines so I flip for it as much as the boys to go play Frogger and Donkey Kong. Unfortunately, because of COVID, we are HEAVILY relying on puzzles and board games and a lot of movie days so it’s probably a good thing we make the boys do SOMETHING active every day! At the beginning of this quarantine, we were very good about a two mile run every day, myself (Whitney) included! Now that it’s so hot out, we’ve come to favor our bike rides.
Our driveway connects to one of the best multipurpose paths in the state that also connects to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and when it’s not a COVID ridden world, that’s another fun itinerary activity to go to the museum on bikes and play in the kid’s area for a while and stop by the cafe for a treat before the bike ride back home. But, ya know, not now.
Anyway, today, we got to see a semi-rare spotting of Famous Hamish! He is this hilarious cat that belongs to someone who lives by the museum but Hamish is not one for anonymity or boundaries! He’s a wanderer, a schmoozer, if you will. He’s a sweet cat that is now fitted with a collar that specifically tells those who might meet him and not be in the know that he is not, in fact, lost but rather in charge of this here path and he will benevolently let you cross if you leave him where he is. This cat has become such a fixture, his spottings are documented on the Crystal Bridges page regularly and people post pictures all over Instagram of him in various hot spots or by the outdoor statues making friends. Needless to say, Jeremiah (our animal lover) HAD to stop and say hi so we will happily add our sighting to Instagram! And now you have spotted him too! So if you’re looking for something fun to fill your time in this very boring COVID world, check his Instagram account out at @famous_hamish ! And make sure to look out for our photo in the hashtag! ❤️

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


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