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This. This is the first picture I ever took of Derrick. It was our first date and I was so NERVOUS! But when you know you know. Fast forward 5 years later and how lucky am I? I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I cannot wait until the day he gets to hold his future daugter/son and I know he will make the best father (literally, Kayden got him a trophy that says so!) He is such a wonderful husband, father, and everything in between. Read more »

What? It’s 2021?!

Wow it’s already mid January? How is that possible? We spent our new year with Derrick’s family and it was just packed full of fun! Then here we are back in the real world with school for Kayden and work work work. Tonight I cooked a quick dinner - beef tips over rice and Kayden and me made up our own cookie and it turned Read more »

Old McDonald

If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!! Our friend has a huge farm and we saw this little guy hanging in the pasture by himself, so Derrick helped him get back to his family but first we had to snap a picture! Read more »

Dirt & worms

Kayden has been asking me for dirt and worms for a while now and tonight I decided to surprise him with some for dessert. Omg he was so excited when I served it after dinner!! Happy kid, happy mom! Read more »

Tis the season

I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner. It has felt like this year has just passed on by in the slowest yet quickest way if that makes sense. We’ve been enjoying our extra time together nonetheless. Last night we made some chocolate Rice Krispies shaped like gingerbread men and it was such a fun, easy, and Read more »

Back before everything was automatic

This. These are kids having fun without electronics and television. {insert Miranda Lambert- Automatic} I love this picture I was able to capture at the ranch, just pure fun with just hay bales and nature. Kids being kids. Read more »

Thankful Thursday

I hope everyone who is reading this had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I told myself I was not going to cook this year, nope, na uh! Then our plans changed in less then 24 hours so Derrick and me went grocery shopping and I managed to whip up some maple glazed ham, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, baby red mash potatoes, Read more »

Family isn’t always blood

Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. This past weekend our best friends came down to visit us during thanksgiving break and I wanted our Alabama best friends Read more »

Secondary infertility

Secondary infertility is so hard and people struggle to understand this kind of heartbreak. YES we love our son, yes we are blessed to have him in our lives, and we love him beyond measure! BUT in our hearts we have always wanted a big family, and it’s okay to follow that dream, we decided that WE ARE NOT GIVING UP! Not Read more »

This is grandma

This is Lyn’s mom, aka the best cook in the world!!!! She makes the best anything-you-can-ask-for!!! From authentic Vietnamese pho to some Lousiana gumbo, she’s the bees knees! This woman can even grow everything you could think of, even in this Mississippi climate. She has a greenhouse full of dragonfruit, star fruit, Read more »

Favorite ornament

Do you have a favorite ornament? Maybe something from when you were younger or something you look back at and it makes you smile? Well we picked this one up at a local festival a couple weeks ago. It is handmade and once I saw it I knew I had to have it and it’s definitely my new favorite! Read more »

Winner winner chicken dinner

Is it officially soup season yet???? Over a year ago Derrick was working near Padre Island in Texas and they had this one particular, very authentic Mexican restaurant we really enjoyed; It had one of the best chicken soups I’ve ever tasted there and tonight I attempted to recreate it! I think I was pretty spot on, it was Read more »

Sweet sweet Sunday

Today Derrick was able to hold our sweet nephew, Leon. He was so teeny tiny and freaking adorable! We love him so much already. Every time I go to target I’m like ouhhh I think Leon needs this, he definitely told me he wanted his own Christmas tree. Haha Read more »


Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!! We were hit by a category 2 hurricane Wednesday and still haven’t had our power restored, so we decided to escape to my best friends house in Lousiana to let Kayden trick or treat, he had the best time! They had a hayride and Kayden made some new friends and we had the chance to Read more »

Hey pumpkin

Who doesn’t love spOOooOooky season??? We had so much fun carving pumpkins with our best friends and godson! When I got home from work I whipped up some home made lasagna to bring over while we carved; it was a fun night and a good start for Halloween week. Read more »

Family makes a house a home

Family makes a house a home, we promise to make you feel like you are home, you will be our heart and home is where the heart is. Wether we are traveling or in Mississippi, you will feel the comfort of home with us. We love you so, and we haven’t even met you. XOXO Read more »

Did we just become best friends?

YUP! I know there is one thing I can guarantee you, that sweet baby, you will have the best big brother ever! Kayden has been so excited from the beginning and asking almost daily when he will be getting a baby brother or sister. He will love you more than you will ever know. We’re praying for you sweet momma and baby! We Read more »

Much needed getaway

We surprised Kayden with a weekend getaway to Universal Studios Orlando. We left Thursday night since he was out of school Friday for fall break and goodness, did we have fun! Harry Potter fans commence!!! We had our first butter beer and it was drool worthy Mmm mm! We went on almost all the roller coasters, ALL the virtual Read more »

Heavy heart

Do you ever have that feeling where life is JUST NOT FAIR? You ever want to scream from the top of your lungs and cry a river? I get that from time to time and more often lately. I want to ask God why he chose me to not be able to bare anymore children. I curl into my husbands lap with tears heavy as a monsoon while he Read more »


One day baby, I have nothing but belief that you’ll be worth the wait. Love, your someday mama Read more »

So.. we did a thing today!

Today we added a new fur baby to our family! One of my husbands friends had a “surprise” puppy! She had no idea her dog was pregnant and she had one puppy, ONE!! I never knew that was a thing but oh my! We are so happy she picked us to raise him! Read more »

Staying busy and steadily praying

Since we moved into our home we’ve been fixing this and that and updating here and there and yesterday I found some really great bedding at a good price I couldn’t pass up! Look at this before and after (the before was when the previous owners were still living there) and this after is like a breath of fresh air. Lyn is Read more »

Friday July 24

Little one, every night we pray for you and we always imagine every last detail of who you would be, what color will your eyes be? As blue as the sea? As green as the grass? As brown as mahogany?  Will your precious baby hair be curly or straight? Will it be brown, black, blonde, or something in between? Through all the Read more »

It cost nothing to be kind

In a world full of chaos it cost n-o-t-h-i-n-g to be kind. Give what you can when you can, money, a hand, or a compliment. We have raised Kayden to be kind and compassionate toward everyone he meets; everyone has a different story. This is him volunteering during Thanksgiving last year and let me tell ya, he had the best time Read more »

Tuesday July 21

Today we finished shopping for all the items we needed for the new baby! I love to be organized and ready or as ready as I can be. We got the cutest stroller and car seat set, I can’t wait to be able to open it and put it together (maxi cosi- Rachel Zoe edition) but mostly can not wait to bring a baby home in it!! The Read more »

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