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One day baby, I have nothing but belief that you’ll be worth the wait. Love, your someday mama Read more »

So.. we did a thing today!

Today we added a new fur baby to our family! One of my husbands friends had a “surprise” puppy! She had no idea her dog was pregnant and she had one puppy, ONE!! I never knew that was a thing but oh my! We are so happy she picked us to raise him! Read more »

Staying busy and steadily praying

Since we moved into our home we’ve been fixing this and that and updating here and there and yesterday I found some really great bedding at a good price I couldn’t pass up! Look at this before and after (the before was when the previous owners were still living there) and this after is like a breath of fresh air. Lyn is Read more »

Friday July 24

Little one, every night we pray for you and we always imagine every last detail of who you would be, what color will your eyes be? As blue as the sea? As green as the grass? As brown as mahogany?  Will your precious baby hair be curly or straight? Will it be brown, black, blonde, or something in between? Through all the Read more »

It cost nothing to be kind

In a world full of chaos it cost n-o-t-h-i-n-g to be kind. Give what you can when you can, money, a hand, or a compliment. We have raised Kayden to be kind and compassionate toward everyone he meets; everyone has a different story. This is him volunteering during Thanksgiving last year and let me tell ya, he had the best time Read more »

Tuesday July 21

Today we finished shopping for all the items we needed for the new baby! I love to be organized and ready or as ready as I can be. We got the cutest stroller and car seat set, I can’t wait to be able to open it and put it together (maxi cosi- Rachel Zoe edition) but mostly can not wait to bring a baby home in it!! The Read more »

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