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Visiting Grandma

It has been a good long while since we were able to visit grandma. The pandemic made it extremely difficult. Finally able to setup an appointment. Spent some quality time laughing and reminiscing. What a wonderful woman; so glad we could make her smile. Grateful for family and the amazing people in our life. Read more »

Stuck staying home (but our neighbors are great)

We have been exchanging things across our fence more frequently now that we are home.  It’s a great way to get through quarantine.  We bake focaccia with tomatoes from our garden.  In return we got some great sausages and brisket from their backyard smoker.  I guess we are all adapting to being home Read more »

Home Project(s) - Pathway

Getting a move on with the home projects. We wanted to not only test our home craftsman skills but wanted to have a nice little walkway after leaving the deck steps. It has been sweltering hot for days but finally the conditions were not-too-bad. A strawberry and watermelon slushie made the project a little more enjoyable and Read more »

In the kitchen with Milli and Toby

We’ve been using our kitchen a lot more than usual during the pandemic and experimenting with some great new recipes and cooking methods.  It has truly been a great silver lining because we save money and eat healthier.  We have also been focusing more on other home projects like purchasing a new rug Read more »

4th of July at Home

We were perfectly fine with doing a low key BBQ this year for 4th of July in our backyard.  Just parents at a safe distance and the dogs made it special (and a few leftover sparklers from last year). Read more »

Home gardening pays off

An upside to the pandemic is being home more often to start new projects and cook more.  We started our garden for vegetables to use in new recipes—stuffed zucchinis, cucumber salad and more.  Who knows what the rest of the summer will bring… Read more »

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