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Bonus Kiddos and the rest of the Family

My husband has 3 kids from a previous marriage, while I have none of my own.  I often wonder how do I list them on my profile.  Do I say that I have 3 kids even though they are adults and don’t live with us? Do I say that I have none because, in fact, I don’t have any biological children? It’s sometimes confusing for me but I want to be honest with all the expectant and birth moms out there.  I love them like they are my own, so your child will have siblings, although older. We have a bunch of baby cousins running around the family as well so they will have plenty of playmates.

We have kids that are mixed race, either african-american and caucasian, hispanic and caucasian or hispanic and african-american. We also have kids that are all caucasian and all black.

Your child will have a great mix of people to interact and grow up with.

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Here I will write my thoughts about the process of trying to match and how I have felt during the process.

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Shileshia & Erik

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Shileshia & Erik