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A Walk in the Park

I know that this adoption journey is difficult for birth moms and expectant moms.  There is so much to decide and a constant questioning of if you are doing the right thing. I can’t imagine being in your shoes. It is difficult for hopeful adoptive parents in the sense that we also have to be vulnerable and open ourselves up and hope a situation works out. I pray that all the moms out there have peace about their choices and know that whatever they decide they are loved.

Last evening we went to the park downtown and walked around.  This time of year there are always baby ducklings about.  It is so interesting to see how when mom takes off, she doesn’t go too far away when she knows some of her babies are lagging behind. It’s always so funny to watch them run to keep up with her.  I can’t wait to experience all of these things through the eyes of a child.  Everyday there is something new.

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Here I will write my thoughts about the process of trying to match and how I have felt during the process.

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Shileshia & Erik

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Shileshia & Erik