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A New Journey

I often wonder what it would be like to have my own child but it was not to be naturally.  I felt like God had abandoned me and didn’t care. Looking back it was probably for the best due to the relationships I had at the time.  In the end it was protection.  Now as I embark on this adoption journey, I wonder what birth mothers must be thinking.  I know they are wondering if they are doing the right thing, if they will find the right family, or if adoption is even the right thing to do at all.  They may feel like failures but they are the total opposite.  It takes courage and selflessness to be able to place your child with someone else.  I won’t say give them up because you don’t give up anything. You may not be raising them but you will always be their birth mom.  There are characteristics that the child will always have.  Adoptive parents are not only loving the child, but they are loving the parts of you that are in them.  I applaud all the moms on this journey and I am in awe of the choices that they have to make.  I pray that everyone finds what is right for them and have peace with it.  Blessings to all.

About This Diary

Here I will write my thoughts about the process of trying to match and how I have felt during the process.

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Shileshia & Erik

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Shileshia & Erik