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Why Adoption?

Since I (Esther) was little I remembering always having a heart for adoption. When Kory and I started dating I told him I wanted to adopt and he was totally fine with it (but of course we were talking sometime in the future). After we were married for a year we discussed that we were ready to have a child if it happened. Well just after a year later we were not pregnant and we were reading a book together that convicted me to talk to Kory about starting the adoption process. I prayed a lot about it and started educating myself on adoption. Kory was on board but needed to talk to an adoption professional so he could understand the process, laws and regulations, and costs. After the meeting with our attorney, he was ready to go! I am so thankful for a husband who is selfless and happy we were on board together. The meeting happened in February of 2020 and because of COVID we were held up with the court to process our paperwork to become certified to adopt so it wasn’t until July 2020 that we finally were certified! This was a crazy time for us as we moved from SC back up to NY in December of 2019 and moved into our home and we also brought home Kaiko our second golden retrievers in December as well! We pray every day for women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant and are choosing life for their baby. We are praying for you during this hard time and we hope that if you connect with us we can be there to support you and love you!

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We want to share some stories or activities we have been involved in so an expecting mom can know us better!

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