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Kory and I have talked about how we will parent our children. We see how some people do it and we talk about things we like that they do and things we will try not to do when we are parents. Kory and I know that having children in our lives will change our lives but we also want to still do the things we love doing even when children come into our lives. We want to bring a child into our lives not have a child stop our lives. We have talked about how we want to take our children when Kory goes golfing and I ride in the cart, we talk about how we may not be able to stay late at a restaurant but we want to take our children with us when we go, we love traveling and we can’t wait to share these experiences! We know we want our children to be respectful, kind, loving, educated, explore arts and sports, we want our children to be responsible as well. I love that my mom(Esther) taught me how to do laundry, clean a house well, cook dinner, work hard and do the best you can do- and most of all to have a good attitude when you’re working. I love how what my mom taught me at a young age translated well into my adult years. I love (Kory) how my dad would always talk to me about things- how I was doing, “girl problems”, my feelings-it was nice that my father, a man, invested time and conversation with me. I can’t wait to have conversations with my children about their life- we know our children will have some hard conversations with us and I’m thankful my dad taught me how as a man to have those tender conversations. We want our children to be free to explore their passions, try new things, be adventurous! We want them to work hard for the things they love , with us supporting them always!

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