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Let the skiing begin!

We finally bought ski gear! Last evening we went to a ski outlet and purchase our ski gear. This is something we have been talking about doing since last December when we moved from SC to NY. I have great memories of when I was younger my parents taking us skiing. I remember getting bundled up, my mom making homemade hot cocoa and chili for the lodge, and my dad teaching us how to ski. I have always known how to ski and as I grew older, I skied less and less since I started college but would always go a few times a year. Kory started skiing after we met going a few times with her friends then with my family. Skiing has become something we love doing together. We decided that since we were choosing to buy our home in NY, raise our children near family and friends, and buy the small business we wanted to take full advantage of what we could do in NY. Skiing in the winter let’s us enjoy the outdoors, spend time together, and makes the cold, snowy months a lot of fun! We don’t have snow yet but we can’t wait to start skiing together and eventually teach out children how to ski and hopefully they love it as much as we do!

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