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How we plan to talk to our children about adoption

This is an important topic for us to talk to expecting parents about. We hope to have an open adoption with our both family and for our child to have a relationship with you as well. In order for us to be the best adoptive parents, for them to know who they are, and for us to have a successful open adoption we will have to talk to our children about adoption and their story. We have been listening to other adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents on podcast and books about how they did it or didn’t do it and their view on the best way to. We plan to have adoption books, stories, movies, culture be incorporated into our lives and their so it isn’t something weird, abnormal, or different. We want to tell them from birth about their story, even if they can’t understand we will have practice telling them. We hope the birth family wants an open adoption and the involvement of multiple parents is just normal for them. We will share their story with more details as they grow and mature and can understand age appropriately about the details. We hope to always be learning and listening to our children about their needs, have open communication about their story and be free to ask up any questions they have!

About This Diary

We want to share some stories or activities we have been involved in so an expecting mom can know us better!

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