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Family Traditions

There are some family traditions that I(Esther) grew up with that are some of my most special memories with my family and Kory has been able to experience them now that we are married. One thing my parents always did was celebrate our birthdays. Growing up my dad always let us choose what we wanted our theme to be and he would make us our birthday cakes. He would make the cake and the frosting from scratch and spend hours frosting the cakes and designing them to be just right. My mom would always decorate the house and let us choose what we wanted for dinner. They always made our birthday so special and all about us individually, and when you have none other siblings, that can be easier said then done. The other tradition we have that is extra special is Christmas Eve my parents would have us set up our bedding on the living room floor and once everyone was sitting on their “beds” they would bring us our stockings and we would get to open them together and someone would get a movie and that’s the movie we would watch Christmas Eve sleeping together in the living room.
Some traditions that Kory and I have started and want to carry on with kids is hosting Christmas Eve dinner at our house with my family. We all dress up nicely and enjoy a night together, then we will do the same tradition in our home with sleeping in our living room on the floor with the Christmas Tree lights on and fall asleep while a movie is playing. We will spend the day home Christmas Day making breakfast, opening gifts, and enjoying our family all home together. We want to celebrate our children’s’ birthdays by having a special day to know how loved they are and special they are to us.
We recently have a new tradition now that several of my siblings are married or have serious relationships and it’s hard to split Christmas Day with multiple families so we spend the day doing our own thing and we take a trip as a family and rent a house and go skiing. We love having the time to step away from the everyday life and be together cooking, skiing, playing in the snow, opening gifts, doing secret Santa, and playing games.
We hope to get to know some of your traditions and have a relationship with you to experience your traditions and have you experience ours. We can’t wait to have our children experience these traditions with us!

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