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Experiences over Gifts

Before Kory and I were even married we decided that we didn’t need more stuff from each other. We decided that instead of buying gifts for each other on birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas we would spend our money on a trip instead. This allowed us to have something to look forward to, time with each other, time to get away from the work and every day life, time to try new food, time to experience other cultures, time to see history. We have loved this exchange of gifts for experiences. We plan on carrying this into when we have children. We can’t wait to experience beaches, museums, movies, food, airplanes, art, music, and laughter with each other instead of things that will break, get returned, things that are easily forgotten about. We love the memories we have from these trips and can’t wait to create memories with our children!

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We want to share some stories or activities we have been involved in so an expecting mom can know us better!

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