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Butterfly Rescue

The neighbor behind us has a butterfly garden. The other day one was just sitting on the ground. We carefully picked it up and the kids got to hold it. I love opportunities to let the kids explore God’s awesome creations. We gently placed it on the table and later that day it flew away. Read more »

Michigan Weather

If you aren’t from MI then you might be wondering what kind of weather we get. Each season is distinct. Since it is August it is usually hot, hot, hot. Today, it is strangely cool, or at least in the mornings. The mornings have been cooler in the 70’s. Fall will start and temps will be cool and we will have to Read more »

Sunflowers and Summer

This year me and kiddos planted sunflowers. We did it to help the kids see how things grow. We started them from seed and now they are over 6 feet tall and finally we got our first bloom. Read more »

Our yearly vacation

Every year we head off to the beaches of Lake Michigan. There is a little camp that is nestled between Muskegon and Grand Haven that we go to. It has its own private beach, a pool on the beach, a lodge, dinner, kids classes, and adult bible studies. It is our place to relax, rebalance ourselves and enjoy MI’s beautiful Read more »

Time at the Park

Dearborn is full of parks. We have 4 within walking distance. The kids love the one with “the twirly thing,” as they like to call it. We even go in the winter to a smaller one near us and play in our snow suits. Read more »

Indian Food

We took the kids for their first taste of Indian food. Paul and I love Indian food but we usually eat it for our date lunch when the kids aren’t there. We had butter chicken Tikka Masala with the cheese chunks and biryani (chicken in spicy rice). The kids liked it. Paul is set on making sure out kids try a bunch of Read more »


We spend a lot of time with our extended family. The kids have 4 alive great grandparents, 2 of which live close. 4 grandparents who all live within 45 min of us.  12 aunts and uncles and 6 cousins. We see most of them a few times a month at church or a few times a year for the ones that live further. Family is important Read more »

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

We celebrated the kids’ birthday yesterday with games, a pinata, and lots of friends and family. We really do have a village to help raise and invest in our kiddos and when we adopt those kids will have the same group of people to help them feel loved and cared for. We think it’s so important to have lots of Read more »

Birthday Month

All four of us have birthday’s in the next two months. Madelyn’s is in July and Andrew, Paul, and my birthday’s are in August. We like to celebrate what we call birthday month. On the kids’ actual day of their birthday, we do cake and they pick where they want to eat for dinner. The rest of the month Read more »

Visiting Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village finally opened and we went. It was kind of sad because a lot of the things we do were closed like the playground and the carousel. We still got to walk around and we saw some turtles, ate custard and rode the train. Maybe next year it will be a little more normal. Read more »


Church is a big priority for us; we go to a small community church about two times a week. We see our church like an extended family. It does help that both of our parents’ go there and some of our brothers and sisters’ families do too. We like that our kids grow up with a lot of other people investing in their lives. We Read more »

Our Greenfield Village Adventures

One of my kid’s favorite things to do in the summer is to go to Greenfield Village. What is “the Village” as my kids like to call it? Henry Ford (the guy to made the first Model-T car) made a place filled with historical buildings such as Thomas Edison’s laboratory, Noah Webster’s house, and a Read more »

Summer Things

One of my favorite things to do is garden. Since kiddos and I are at home we have time to water and take care of flowers and our veggies. I also think it is nice to let the kids watch the plants grow. When I was a kid, my mom had a garden and it brings back such great memories or watching things grow and then getting to pick Read more »

Weekend Fun

Happy 4th of July! We spent the 4th at Papa Steve’s and Grandma Pat’s house and swam in the pond. Lots of hotdogs, watermelon, and sparkling water. We gave the kids a shower in the hose and played some euchre (a Michigan card game, if you aren’t familiar). On the 3rd, we went to my (Amy’s) Read more »

A normal day at home.

I’ll just start by admitting I am a homebody. I (Amy) don’t like running around too much and the kids do best if I stick to our general schedule. Don’t worry, when Greenfield Village is open we visit often. On a normal day, we all are up by 7 am, then breakfast. I love a good egg sandwich and the kids do Read more »

Adopting Journey So Far

We have been on this journey since July of last year. Lots of paperwork and lots of time praying. We know God will lead us to the right match in His timing but it hasn’t been an easy wait. We were in contact with an expectant mom once and she decided to keep her babies. Read more »

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