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2 Moms with Open Arms

Dear expectant mother,

We know in our hearts, for you to even be reading this, you must have so many thoughts turning through your mind. We can reassure you of a couple of things.

Your child will be loved. Your child’s presence has been desired since 2008, when we first started dating and decided we both wanted to grow our family. Your child will have a lot of fun! We have two older children and three grandchildren whom we have helped raise, and we love to plan activities with them. We have movie nights, we take road trips, and we have a huge lake in our subdivision with plenty of sand for perfect sandcastles.

We will strive to raise your child so they will be kind, compassionate, and empathetic. We know it is cliché, but we will make sure your child knows they can be and do anything they put their minds to. We will make sure we provide your child with the tools necessary to take on any challenges that come their way.

The last, most important thing we want you to know is, we will make sure your child knows how much you love them. Your child will know about your ultimate sacrifice and the strength it took to make this decision. They will know how proud we are of you and how you made our dream a reality.

So a little about us! We own a small transportation company in North Carolina, where Tracie runs operations and fleet maintenance and Lynsey heads administration and dispatch. We are a fun, loving, and loyal couple who appreciates warm laughs, so we can usually be found snuggling under a blanket and watching stand-up comedy together. We are also road buddies, so jumping in a car and heading out on an adventure is an every month occurrence in our household. If we aren’t dancing and making up songs with the grandkids in the living room, we are walking through the grocery store while trying to plan what meal we want to cook together next. Twelve years goes by fast when you get to spend it with your best friend!

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Who We Are

We met online and had an instant connection. We have been together for 12 years and married for 5. We have built a beautiful life together with two biological children and 3 grandchildren.
After experiencing several unsuccessful attempts at trying to conceive on our own, we sat down and brought up the option of adoption since we both knew from firsthand experience that families can be created in so many ways. We have been planning and preparing for the next chapter of our lives ever since.

Adoption Diary

Expectations Pt. 1-Worth the Wait

I knew this part was coming…in fact I have involuntarily participating in this particular practice for longer than I imagined I ever would. What is this practice you speak of? THE WAIT…that’s right…the wait.

From the first few weeks of Tracie and I meeting, we spoke about how we both wanted children. Started trying through a fertility clinic a year after we had been together. Fast forward 12 years later, 5 IUIs, 2 rounds of IVF and several at home inseminations later, and here we are…still waiting. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about holding a baby in my arms, breathing in it’s fresh scent, passing out baby neck kisses or comforting him when he is unsure. Then I must push those thoughts to the side and focus back on my real life adult responsibilities and chores.

Yes, I have my beautiful teenager, and my love for her runs deep. She has, of course, grown out of the “mommy” phase, and has entered the “mom” phase. She no longer needs me like she used to, and really only leans on me to help her navigate the adult world she will be entering in the next few years. We love our grandchildren, but as much love as I hear whenever they call on one of us for attention or affection, we will never (nor should we) hear the level of love and affection that we hear when they see their own mother’s and father. Adoption is exciting to me because now I will have an opportunity to grow a relationship with a child that needs me, and have an extended family with his birth mother, if that is what she chooses. Looking into those eyes, when that time comes, will be truly worth the wait.

Acclamation Pt.1

Infertility/ Pregnancy loss and Faith…

If there is one hurdle (amongst many) that will truly test your faith, that hurdle would be dealing with infertility or the loss of a pregnancy. Battling both of these heart-wrenching factors will bring even the strongest believer to their knees, leaving them asking God why me and when will it be my turn?

I had my first scare when Savannah was born, coming in at 27 weeks. I was 19, had started my first real job, and had no idea how to be a mom. I was scared, but trusted that God would protect my baby, and was thankful at every milestone she hit. If I had known that she would most likely be my only live birth, I would have sang to her more in the womb, cherished her kicks, even smiled through the morning sickness(well maybe) but I would have slowed down and enjoyed the experience. I had a total of 2 more miscarriages in the following 3 years, one at 14 wks(missed blighted ovum) and 6 wks(chemical pregnancy) and although I was hurt, I didn’t yet label myself as infertile because I was still young.

Tracie and I have suffered in silence for 12 years, trying to get pregnant. 5 rounds of artificial insemination, 2 rounds of IVF, and one precious frozen embryo that I am too afraid to transfer because the fear of loosing that one embryo at this time outweighs the excitement of trying, in a few years possibly, but not right now.

Thousands of dollars have come and gone, and more will be necessary to finish out our journey to adoption, and this road won’t be easy. Why do I keep trying? How have I overcome disappointment, grief and heartache?


Signs that I shouldn’t give up, and to be patient pop up all the time. Tracie asked me to ride out on her Amazon route about 2 weeks ago. I don’t like to ride, but she has asked me several times and I decided to give in, lol. We went to a truck stop she frequents and looked around at the different souvenirs. She wandered off the aisle, and came back with something in her hand, and a huge smile on her face. She handed me this book and tears came to my eyes. A sign, in a random truck stop in Virginia. I will read this to our child every. single. night. Let me say this… with every fiber of my being, we will have our rainbow baby in our arms, we will start this new chapter that we have been attempting to write for over a decade, and we will be okay. God answers prayers, and we still have faith.





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