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We met at a backyard party, dancing away to 70’s music. Christian had recently returned from working on the east coast and Cara had just come from a study abroad in Jerusalem. After talking briefly that night, Christian found Cara on Facebook. We went on a date later that week. The rest is history! We were married less than a year later. Since then, we have lived around the country as Christian continued management in sales between school years. We took the last year away from school as Christian completed a year in Tesla’s engineering department in the Bay Area and Cara worked as a wedding florist. We loved our adventures in California, but returned to live near family in Utah and finish Christian’s degree. After another year in Utah, we packed our bags once again and moved to Denver for Christian’s job! We have loved the easy access to the outdoors here (we mountain bike, camp, and hike often) and enjoy trying new places to eat in the city. After more than a year here, Denver is definitely starting to feel like home!

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adoptive family photo - Cara I am the fourth of six kids and loved growing up in a big family. My siblings are some of my best friends!

I am a stay at home mama by day, and a (part time) social media marketer by night. I absolutely adore being home with Jonas.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be a mama. It really is a dream come true for me! In my spare time, I often read books on parenting, connection, and teaching children. I am a family girl through and through!

I have a major sweet tooth, but really try to eat healthy...go figure!

I am a very creative person--arranging flowers is one of my favorite hobbies (after working as a wedding florist for a year, I now do weddings just for friends and family!) I have a deep faith in Jesus Christ. I believe in kindness, in having a life full of color, and in the healing power of a good cry.


adoptive family photo - Christian I am an oldest child and always try to watch out for my 5 younger sisters. I have always been close with my dad, and realized my appreciation for my mom after graduating from high school; she taught me how to work hard and pursue my goals, and he taught me my sense of optimism and belief in my ability to succeed and excel.

I love spending time with close friends and family—usually outdoors, with some type of physical activity like camping or biking.Which takes me to my second passion—mountain biking.

I really enjoy going out on a self-powered ride, not only to breathe fresh air and clear my mind, but to challenge myself to think quickly and to build & ride creative lines in the face of speed and adrenaline.

Lastly, I have a desire to excel at my work. As an engineer I work to understand new subjects and techniques I hadn’t learned before. I love creating systems that make my job easier and more useful. As a coach, I love the challenge of teaching to a stranger’s understanding; I take an outsider’s perspective as I teach, adjusting my approach as I perceive how my student is feeling and understanding.

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