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Dinosaur Park

We feel blessed to live in an area with lots of kid/family friendly places and activities nearby. One such place is called Dinosaur Park. It is actually a museum and a park, with interesting and informative displays inside and a walkway and playground outside. We headed here for a fun family outing on Friday and enjoyed studying various rocks, crystals, minerals, and fossils as we made our way around the inside displays. We gazed up at the impressive skeletons of the giant creatures who roamed the earth so long before we were here and wondered at the remnants of various creatures hailing from the ice age.

Then we headed outside to explore the dozens of painted dinosaur statues dotting the walkways, each with their own descriptive plaques. Of course before heading out it was time to play on the dinosaur themed playground with cement dinosaur skulls to hide under, a giant sea turtle to ride, hatching baby dinosaurs to weave around, and various slides to glide down!

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Nate and Rebecca

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Nate and Rebecca