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Fall Escalante Vacation

Fall is our favorite time of year to be in southern Utah. The daytime temperatures are moderate, making them perfect for hiking, and the leaves are turning to brilliant yellow hues. Our previous plans to vacation with family this year were canceled due to COVID, so we planned a different vacation with them instead. We stayed at a beautiful cabin for a few days and spent time together hiking, playing games, and eating delicious food that we took turns preparing. We hiked through a couple slot canyons, to cavern area Read more »

Running Cross Country

Both our kids decided to join the local running club for kids. Since it is fall, they are running cross country. We were able to watch them at their first race of the season this last week and cheer them on.  These pictures of them are from the end of the race right before they crossed the finish line.They both did great Read more »

A New Pet

Austin has been wanting a leopard gecko for awhile. We told our kids that if could demonstrate that they were trustworthy and responsible enough and if they could save up enough money, then they could have a pet of their own. Austin has been working toward this goal for the better part of a year, and he made it. He is Read more »

Labor Day Hike

As is common, we used the extra day Nate had off work this last week to go hiking together as a family. We enjoyed the five mile loop trail we went on and were happy to get a glimpse of the beautiful leaves starting to change color up in the mountains. Read more »

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Nate and Rebecca

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Nate and Rebecca