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Friends who are like family!

Paulo, our friend Amanda, and I met and worked together at an after school program during college where we took care of the children of grad students; it was the perfect job for the three of us because we all love to be with kids (and we all ended up becoming teachers)! Anyways, we became very close friends with Amanda and her husband Michael, and have remained great friends to this day. Although they live in Texas now with their 4 children, we still Facetime and text often and try our hardest to see each other at least once a year. In fact, we were supposed to visit them during the week of New Years, but I unfortunately came down with the flu so we had to cancel our trip. We had then hoped to visit over spring break instead, but that’s right when the coronavirus hit.

So, we were so happy to hear that they were planning a California road trip this week (although Michael wasn’t able to go due to work). Amanda and her kids were able to come over today for lunch and hang out in our backyard with masks on. Nico had so much fun running through the sprinklers and playing basketball with the kids. We’re so grateful we got to spend time with them, even for just a couple of hours. We know they will love and care so much about our future child just like they do for Nico and we do for their kids; they are so excited for us to adopt!

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