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Friends who are like family!

Paulo, our friend Amanda, and I met and worked together at an after school program during college where we took care of the children of grad students; it was the perfect job for the three of us because we all love to be with kids (and we all ended up becoming teachers)! Anyways, we became very close friends with Amanda and her husband Michael, and have remained great friends to this day. Although they live in Texas now with their 4 children, we still Facetime and text often and try our hardest to see each other at least Read more »

Water Balloons!

We had fun (with masks on) this weekend with family and friends. On July 4th, Paulo’s family came over to hang out and have lunch together. Later on we went to a friend’s backyard so the kids could have a water balloon fight and of course Paulo got in on the action :) I documented the whole thing: check out the Read more »

Our Journey to Adoption

Ever since Paulo and I got married 7 years ago, we’ve talked about adoption as a way to build our family. This is because three of my cousins were adopted and because Paulo’s step-dad unofficially adopted him (he wanted to legally adopt Paulo, but he couldn’t afford to). I was very lucky to give birth to Nico, Read more »

Father/Son Hike

There’s a canyon that takes only 5 minutes to drive to from our house with different hiking trails. Since Paulo has this week off of work (woo hoo!), he took Nico hiking there today while I had a few work meetings. They came home covered in dirt and their clothes soaking wet, which means they made it all the way to the Read more »

Time for ice cream!

We are happy to report that our favorite, local ice cream shop has re-opened! So of course this meant that we went last night for a Sunday night treat. What’s even better is that they sell ice cream sandwiches where the “bread” is a donut! Can’t get any better, right? Read more »

Our Multicultural, Interfaith Family

We are a multicultural, interfaith family. We believe it is important to celebrate each of our backgrounds, incorporate our family traditions, and provide Nico with a spiritual foundation. By no means do we pressure Nico to believe in or identify with one heritage over the other, but instead we are exposing him to both Read more »

First Photo

This is the first photo we ever took together, way back in 2004 on a real camera. It’s hard to remember the days before cell phone cameras, right? We don’t have many photos of us from college where we met, became fast friends, and eventually started dating. But this is our first photo together and I’ll Read more »

Families for Black Lives

Today we attended a Families for Black Lives event in our city. It was family-friendly, so kids were encouraged to attend with their parents. Paulo and I were so excited that a family-friendly event was happening so we could also involve Nico! It is so important to us to teach Nico, and our future child(ren), to treat Read more »


While Paulo was working this afternoon from home, Nico and I got to go swimming with my mom (AKA Grandma) at a local swim club! It was a little strange having to keep social distance from others in the pool, but we still had a lot of fun. My mom isn’t the biggest fan of swimming, but she enjoyed lounging from the side Read more »

Summer camp

Nico has been attending a very fun, outdoor summer camp since he was three years old where they swim, ride horses, play games, hike, etc. In fact, I went to the same camp when I was little and I was also a counselor there during my summers in late high school and early college! So, needless to say, we are very sad that Read more »

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