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Playing in the park

Sara got to see a few friends in the park this weekend. Because of the quarantine, we had not met our friend’s, new baby. His name is Hawkins, and he is just 6 weeks old and so tiny. She also got to see some of our other friend’s little ones who are all under a year. Our sweet dog Charlie is so great with kids and babies. We think Charlie had just as much fun as all the humans. When we get to have a child come into our lives, they will have so many friends to play with. Read more »


We are both very creative. Tim plays music all the time. He is constantly writing songs and playing guitar. He just got a new guitar for his birthday! Sara is an artist and loves to make things. She draws, paints, creates pottery, and knits. One year for Christmas she knit everyone in the family a gift as one of their Read more »

Stay at home mom.

We are so excited to add a child to our family. Sara’s work is super flexible and Tim’s career is successful and stable so Sara will get the privilege to be a stay-at-home mom! We can’t wait! Read more »

Playing in the neighborhood.

This is the first summer we are living in our new house. Every day we meet new people on the block. Everyone is so friendly and there are so many kids. It reminds us why we chose this area. We can’t wait to share the fun when we are lucky enough to have a child of our own. Read more »

About This Diary

Halloween is coming up! We love to dress up for Halloween and we especially love to see all the cute little kids dressed up in our neighborhood. Just a few blocks away there is a street where every house has over-the-top decorations and there is a big parade. It is so much fun and all the kids love it!

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