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Old Friends

This is a screenshot of a zoom call I had last night with dear friends, Cathy and Matt. Cathy was one of my college theatre professors, twenty years ago (gulp!), and Matt and I met in college and took Cathy’s classes together. We’ve kept in touch all these years, and the three of us have made a special point of doing Zoom calls once per month during quarantine. Cathy still teaches Theatre to undergrads, and she is utterly beloved there by all her students. Matt went on to be a theatre director and ran his own company for about a decade until last year. Even though I didn’t carry on in the theatre myself, and instead went into filmmaking, we still have much in common as artists and creators. Our conversations are always so invigorating, and full of lots of belly laughs too! Cathy is one of those teachers that has the gift for seeing hidden potential and talents in her students,  and giving them the confidence to be bold and take risks as an artists. When I say she is beloved among her students, I really mean it. She touches everyone she comes into contact with for the better, and I respect and admire her deeply. Hoping I can instill the kind of confidence in my kids that she instills in her students. #parentinggoals!

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