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Chili Fail

Good thing the banana bread was a success, because I am sad to report, the chili was not. We pulled out all the ingredients to make turkey chili, a dish we make fairly often. Now, I should preface this with the fact that Daniel has never had a great sense of smell, and I have an overly sensitive one. So tonight, when I quality-checked the meat, I thought it smelled a bit off, but Daniel couldn’t really smell anything. The expiration date stamped on the package read ‘July 3’, (today is June 28th), and conscious of not being wasteful, I decided I was being overly vigilant. We soldiered on until all the ingredients were mixed and bubbling in the pot. All of a sudden, the smell became so intense there was absolutely no mistaking that the meat was bad. We both hopped into action. We put the chili outside so it could cool and then trashed it, flung open the windows and doors, turned all the ceiling fans on and scoured the kitchen. Thankfully, the awful smell has since dissipated, but we both completely lost our appetites for the evening. Sigh. It’s so frustrating to have wasted food and messed up dinner. That said, thank God for the gift of sense of smell, for without it, tonight could have gone very differently!

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