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A bit about our adoption process & our agency

Thought you might be interested to learn a little about the beginning of our adoption process and the agency we’re working with. This is a selfie I took and sent to Daniel, (who was at work), the day I dropped our final paperwork off. We were beyond excited!!

So, here goes:

Back in August of 2019, we were ready to put all of our energy and resources toward starting the adoption process. The first person we met with was a high profile adoption lawyer. We visited him for a three hour consultation at his corner office in Beverly Hills, with a beautiful view of the city. He was very nice and professional, and laid out all the details of what it would be like if we signed up with him. At first we left feeling positive, mostly because we were so excited we were actually moving forward with adopting! However, as the days went on, we started to feel uncomfortable about committing to him. We were unclear how he found birthmothers to match with adoptive parents, and that concerned us. We always want our child to know how deeply respected and cared for his/her first mama is, was, and always will be, and we just didn’t feel it was the right fit for us. So, we passed on working with him and continued to do our research.

A few weeks later, we found Holy Family Services Foster & Adoption Agency located in Echo Park, California, which is about a 10 minute drive from where we live. We attended a Saturday morning orientation meeting in early September, with a couple other prospective adoptive families, and found the agency director, Julie Brown, to be incredibly warm and personal. As we learned about HFS’ philosophy and practices, we immediately loved their priority for caring for birth mothers; not just during the adoption process, but before delivery and long after delivery. We love that they offer unbiased counseling so birth mothers would never feel coaxed or pushed into any decision one way or another, that rather, she would feel total freedom to choose what’s right for her, and that she would have the support she needs, should she decide to place her child for adoption. In addition, we loved the ethos and history of HFS. They are the second oldest adoption agency in Los Angeles with a great reputation, and they seemed to have long lasting positive relationships with many of the families they’ve worked with.

We left the orientation that day so excited and ready to officially sign with them. After submitting our first round of paperwork, we were introduced to our social worker, Lisa. She’s wonderful. Over the last nine months, Lisa has shepherded us through the entire process of paperwork, interviews and the home study. We’re now officially certified and home study approved. HFS is very instrumental in matching birth mothers with adoptive families, and they are also very supportive of adoptive families being proactive and utilizing services like adoptimist. Whichever way a match may come, they’re ready and waiting to support us and our birth mother through the process.

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