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Library Addition

Feeling very inspired by this creative and powerful book, ‘Radiant Child’, written and illustrated by Javaka Steptoe, about a young Jean Michel-Basquiat, and his story of becoming a culture changing artist. One the themes that I love and resonate with, is how art can be a powerful healer. Read more »

My obsession

Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with crockpot cooking? Here’s a pic of a meal that’s on repeat in our house: chicken, green beans and potatoes. Simple, but healthy and so tasty. Last week we slow cooked Cabbage and Kielbasa - mmm, so delicious! (where are my emoji’s when I need them?) Read more »


A favorite part of my week has become listening to the podcast I mentioned in an earlier post: ‘Birth Mothers Amplified’. Today’s episode featured a woman called Courtney who placed her baby for adoption 20 years ago. She is as delightful as she is wise! She’s now a professional child educator and Read more »

New Hair

A much needed hair reboot. (Also, carseat in the back, ready and waiting for a mini sized passenger!) Read more »

Football season is here

If, before meeting Daniel, someone had told me that one day I’d spend many a Sunday afternoon watching football with a smile, I’d never have believed it. Read more »

Online Shopping Fail

When an online grocery order for 4 bananas goes awry, because ‘items’ meant ‘bunches’. Oops…I guess several loaves of banana bread are in store for us next week! Read more »

New Podcast: Birth Mothers Amplified

Just finished the first episode of the new podcast, Birth Mothers Amplified, and the tears are flowing!! The woman featured is, Muthoni, who tells a heartbreakingly beautiful story of tremendous love and grief. Her mother’s heart for her daughter shines throughout. I love that this podcast is giving voice to the women who Read more »

Mondays are for coffee

Coming to you live from the breakfast nook! Mondays are my conference call days. I’ve got a little 10 minute break, and then back at it. We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in LA , so we’re just hiding out in our little air conditioned bungalow tip-tapping away on our computers. Hope wherever you are, Read more »

19 Years Old

Our nephew turned 19 years old yesterday. Hard to believe. Seemed like just yesterday he was born and I watched him take his first breath. And now he’s a sophomore in college and studying to become a Physician Assistant, and we’re so very proud of him! This is a photo of he and Daniel, (pre-pandemic), trying to Read more »


A shaggy-haired Daniel (time for a cut, ya’ll!) and Mabel met me at the car shop, where I’d just dropped my car for an oil change. When I walked up to meet them parked in front, these were the faces waiting to greet me. Mabel cracked me up and I had to snap a pic. Read more »

Rise and shine

Just saying hello with a little snap from my morning walk. Diving back into work and hoping you’re having a wonderful day! Read more »

Library Addition

Another Addition to our growing library: “Draw What You See, The Life and Art of Benny Andrews” by Kathleen Benson. Definitely a pick for an older child, but it’s an inspiring story, and of course the illustrations of Benny Andrews’ paintings are wonderful. Read more »

Old Friends

This is a screenshot of a zoom call I had last night with dear friends, Cathy and Matt. Cathy was one of my college theatre professors, twenty years ago (gulp!), and Matt and I met in college and took Cathy’s classes together. We’ve kept in touch all these years, and the three of us have made a special point of Read more »

Social Distance Visit with Baby Poppy

Had a social distance visit with our dear friend, Sabrina, and her 6 month old little baby girl, Poppy. Look at that smile! I don’t think it gets any cuter than that! We had a lovely catch up. Sure miss giving these girls hugs!! Read more »

Weekend Mountain Getaway

We’re back! Refreshed and restored, as the mountains never fail to do. We hiked 3.5 miles up to Matlock Lake. Let me tell you, the hike is not for the faint of heart! There were moments when I thought I might not make it. But, I pressed on, step-by-step, and at last we crested the hill and found the lake.  Daniel Read more »

Off The Grid

Hi! As I mentioned in my previous post, we’re headed to the mountains this weekend. Once we get to a certain elevation, we’ll lose reception, and to be honest, this causes me a bit of anxiety. What if that’s the day you reach out? What if we miss you? I know it’s unlikely, but Murphy’s Law is a Read more »

Prepping for a weekend camping trip

This is documentation of our visit to REI and Target today. We hadn’t been to either store in over five months! Both had excellent virus protocols, so we felt safe. We stocked up on Ready Meal Kits, trail mix, protein bars, bug spray, sunscreen, and more, for a little camping trip we’re taking this weekend. Read more »

Sunday Visit

Here’s a little collage of pics of Guy and I from yesterday. He wanted to ‘make faces’ for the camera - too cute! We had a great day spending time with my sis and her fam. We grilled hot dogs and turkey dogs, and played the game ‘Chameleon’. Daniel won! The guys watched the Braves and The Mets Read more »

Blended Family

Here’s a photo taken at our nephew’s high school graduation last May: my Dad, Mom and Step Dad, all together. My parents were divorced when I was 7 years old, but my mom and dad remained very amicable throughout our lives. We always spent holidays, birthdays, and special events all together. When my mom remarried Read more »


The kids call my dad, Papa. He’s retired, but still very active in his community, giving back to younger people in his former profession, and as a Marine Corp Veteran. Papa loves to make us laugh, and always entertains us with magic tricks and jokes. He’s known for his generous spirit and his fun personality. When Read more »

Grandma Star & Pepa

Here’s a photo of us with my mom and stepdad around Christmastime in New York. My mom met and married my step dad 20 years ago, and they have been happily married ever since. ‘Grandma Star’ and ‘Pepa’ are what our nieces and nephews call them. Grandma Star is known for her loving nature. She Read more »

Oma & Opa

These are Daniel’s sweet parents. Our nieces call them ‘Oma and Opa’, which means Grandma and Grandpa in German. Oma was born in Germany and moved to the US when she was 4 years old. She and Opa met in high school, but they didn’t start dating until a few years later. Opa always had a crush on Oma and Read more »

Learning from Dr. Becky Kennedy, Phd

This word of advice from Dr. Becky Kennedy (IG: @drbeckyathome) is so powerful!  We’re so, so excited to see what kinds of things, activities, and people spark an interest in the mind and heart of our future child! We love Dr. Becky’s work so much, we took her Zoom parenting class on building emotional Read more »

A New Day

This is a photo I took on a walk this morning. The water was sparkling on the lake in the early morning sunshine, although it’s hard to see in the photo. I felt like it was God’s creation reminding me that each day is fresh and alive with possibilities. A comforting thought after yesterday. Yesterday was a DAY. Read more »

Pandemic bubble

Our pandemic ‘bubble’ consists of my sister, and her family, We’re each quarantining at home, and if we need to go out we wear masks and practice physical distancing. We’ll keep to only our bubble for this next month and then reevaluate as the case numbers (hopefully) decrease next month - we pray!  We BBQ’d Read more »

Grey sky morning

Here’s a photo I snapped from my walk this morning through the Silver Lake Meadow. It was early enough that hardly anyone was there, and since it was overcast, it was nice and cool. While walking, I listened to a few chapters of my latest fiction book called ‘The Vanishing Half’. Have I mentioned I’m Read more »

Prayers from across the world

Sharing a screenshot of a text message we got from a dear family friend, sharing that her friend in Croatia is praying for us and the adoption process. Knowing that even friends of friends are supporting us in this way is comforting and encouraging. We pray for you and your baby daily, and hope you can feel our prayers from Read more »

Building our library

Just received Ibram X. Kendi’s new book. An enlightening read that will be on repeat in our house for sure. Thrilled to add this to the little library we’ve started building - can’t wait for it to grow and grow! We’re avid readers ourselves, and look forward to reading with our future child. Social Read more »

Office Assistant

Mabel helping Daniel get some afternoon reading done. She loves to lay right on our papers - it cracks us up. I hope her funny personality comes through the photo. She always seems perplexed as to why we’re laughing at her. Read more »

We made a video!

A few days ago, our brother-in-law interviewed us and then edited together some footage to create a 4 minute video. This is a still shot our niece took of us while we were recording. The video is up on our Adoptimist page, if you want to take a look! We had fun making it, and hope you enjoy watching it! Read more »

Morning Stroll

We rose early to beat the heat and took a stroll around the neighborhood. I’m feeling some serious cabin fever this Saturday morning, and am dreaming of getting out of town like we’d planned to before the pandemic hit. I can sense a bit of a pity-party coming on, so here’s when I challenge myself to switch Read more »

Bringing Up Baby

We’re just about to sit down and watch one of our favorite movies of all time. It’s a screwball romantic comedy called ‘Bringing Up Baby’. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a black & white film made in 1938, but it stands the test of time. Doesn’t matter how many times we watch it, it still makes us laugh out Read more »

Contact cards are in!

Excitement! We ordered these contact cards last week and they are here! It’s nice to have something tangible to share if an opportunity arises. A handful of friends and family have asked for some as well. Doing our utmost to get the word out everywhere possible! Read more »

Crockpot Chicken Tacos

This was dinner tonight. It might be the easiest recipe in the history of cooking! The chicken slow cooked for 8 hours with some chopped onion, salsa and spices. It smelled so good all day - we worked up huge appetites, and they turned out pretty tasty! Read more »


Daniel snapped this shot of me responding to a work email while doing leg lifts - thought you might get a kick out it! My capacity to multi-task makes me a great producer, but also sometimes it can keep me from being fully present for practices of self-care, (like exercising!). I did finally put down my phone and get a proper Read more »

Sunday Family Drive

Sometimes we just like to take a drive for a change of scenery. We listen to old-timey classic music and cruise. Hope you are having a restful and relaxing Sunday. Read more »

4th of July

Growing up, the 4th of July holiday was nearly as big as Christmas. Both my grandparents’ birthdays flanked the day; Grandpa was born July 2, 1929, and Grandma was born July 6, 1926. So, for the better part of my life, the 4th was always a huge family pool party, hosted by my grandparents. The day started early and lasted Read more »

Photo Albums

I’ve started a big project. We’ve got boxes of loose photos from throughout the years, spanning our childhoods and beyond. So, I’ve been organizing photos chronologically, and putting them in albums. Daniel snapped this pic of me in deep concentration! So far I’ve got 3 albums complete. Probably 3 or 4 Read more »

Dinner with a view

This evening we dined outdoors at a hilltop restaurant in Burbank called Castaway. It was delicious, and we had such a beautiful view of the city as the sun went down. The restaurant’s virus protocols were awesome. The servers wore masks, face shields and gloves. Love safety!! Now that coronavirus cases are spiking Read more »

Dear Baby

This might be cheesy, but we wrote a letter to our future baby, and here it is - Dear Baby, We’ve spent countless hours dreaming of what it will be like to be your mommy and daddy. We can’t wait to shower you with all the love we already have in our hearts for you! We talk about you and pray for you every day, and Read more »

Our Work

A photo of me on set - with my very serious ‘thinking’ expression! We both love our work. Getting to tell stories for a living is a great privilege and lots of fun! Daniel is screenwriter and works full time at a movie production company. He’s got two films coming out in the next couple months; a drama for Read more »

Chili Fail

Good thing the banana bread was a success, because I am sad to report, the chili was not. We pulled out all the ingredients to make turkey chili, a dish we make fairly often. Now, I should preface this with the fact that Daniel has never had a great sense of smell, and I have an overly sensitive one. So tonight, when I Read more »

Sunday Baking

Doubled the recipe for our favorite gluten free and dairy free banana bread, and it turned out great! I love this recipe because it’s so easy and fast. If you’re a baker - here’s the recipe! Read more »

Date Night

We ventured out once again to an outdoor restaurant for an early evening bite. It was so nice to get out! Daniel had a burger and I had a cabbage salad (I love cabbage so much, I’m part rabbit), and delicious roast chicken and Brussels sprouts. My Grandma always said her favorite thing to make for dinner was Read more »


We played an epic game of Uno tonight! Daniel pulled out a win in the last second. A rematch is undoubtedly on sometime this weekend. Read more »

Sweet Birthday Flowers

Fresh flowers are probably my topmost simple pleasure - (quickly followed by the feeling of clean, bare feet on a freshly mopped floor). To get two beautiful bouquets in one day was pure delight, and made me feel so loved and special on my birthday. What are your simple pleasures? Read more »

Our Wedding

We tied the knot in an intimate backyard ceremony surrounded by our closest friends and family. For our wedding, we wanted to do things a little unconventionally. We greeted our guests upon their arrival, so we could all enjoy each other’s company while we waited for sunset. Everyone gathered around at dusk, and a dear Read more »

Errand Buddy

Ran a few errands today with our favorite sidekick! It’s often hard to get great photos of Mabel because of her dark hair, but today the light was just right to capture that hairy mug we love so well. Read more »

Photo Bomber on Father’s Day

We took Victory’s dad out to lunch for Father’s Day. (*Note the t-shirt her dad wore to lunch - a photo of Victory and her sister from 20 years ago!) In the middle of the Father-Daughter photo shoot, our nephew ran into the photo and posed with a perfect smile. Of course we all died laughing. Read more »


I know, I know - we’re talking about Christmas in the middle of June? But, we must, because that is how special Christmas is to us. Now, this is not to discount all the other wonderful holidays we love to celebrate year round, because the fact is, we celebrate anything and everything possible: a good day at work, a personal Read more »


We can’t pretend to know what circumstances have brought you here, or how you’re feeling, or what you’re thinking, or what your hopes and dreams are. But we want you to know that we think about you, and pray for you daily. We pray for your safety, and we pray you’ll find clarity, guidance, peace and Read more »

Waiting is hard

This is one of my favorite photos of Daniel and our nephew Guy contemplating their Connect 4 move. Emotionally, mentally and physically, we are so ready to love and bring up this baby. We’re ready for the sleepless nights, for the bags under our eyes, for a messy house, lots of crying, explosive poops, the barfing, Read more »

Breakfast in bed for the birthday boy!

Celebrating the gift of Daniel’s life today: breakfast in bed, a very mushy card, special gifts, personalized cake and his favorite Cookies and Cream ice cream, a socially distant outdoor dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and a hike sometime this weekend. Back in January, before pandemic lock down, we’d Read more »

Our first baby

Mabel and her biggest fan, our nephew, Guy. Mabel is our 11 year old little rescue dog and our our first daughter! She’s our daily source of joy and comedy; the sweetest and funniest dog you’ll ever know. She loves to be with her people, so no matter what we’re doing, she wants to do it too. She’s been Read more »

Honeymoon In Italy

We waited until about six months after our wedding to take our honeymoon so we could visit in the fall for two solid weeks. In the months leading up to the trip, we carved out Friday afternoons to make our plans. Our tradition was, I’d visit Daniel at work, and we’d sit in his office eating take out, listening to Read more »

A bit about our adoption process & our agency

Thought you might be interested to learn a little about the beginning of our adoption process and the agency we’re working with. This is a selfie I took and sent to Daniel, (who was at work), the day I dropped our final paperwork off. We were beyond excited!! So, here goes: Back in August of 2019, we were ready to put Read more »

Social Distance Date with friends

When not in a global pandemic, we’re accustomed to regular visits with friends and family, so it’s been tough not spending as much time as we usually do with our loved ones. This weekend, we got to have a social distance visit with some of our dearest friends who live just around the corner. Everyone got to order a Read more »

First Photo

This was the first photo ever taken of us at an outdoor screening of ‘Dirty Dancing’. We were not yet ‘official’, so there was a lot of nervous giggling. Since it was the 30th anniversary of the film, it was a big event. When the movie ended, there was a fireworks show. Along with hundreds of other people, we danced Read more »


Last summer Daniel introduced me to the wonders of Yosemite. This is a photo of us camping in the back country for a couple of days. It was truly a life changing experience and one I’ll never forget. (I’ll spare you the many pages I could write about this trip!). Introducing our future children to nature via Read more »

New hair cuts and strolling around the lake

Showing off our new home haircuts - Mabel included! Not too shabby for a first-timer, eh? Thanks, YouTube for the many tutorials! Daniel and Mabel were a bit nervous about my shearing skills, rightfully so. But I have to say, I think it went pretty well, all things considered. Isn’t the Silver Lake Reservoir so pretty at Read more »

Car Seat!

We both look a bit ragged here with our long quarantine hair (and Daniel’s big beard!). But, we were gifted a car seat last week and are too excited not to share. (P.s. Home hair cuts happened the next day!) Read more »

Worth the wait

We received this beautiful, leather bound, custom engraved journal in the mail yesterday, from a dear friend who lives in Seattle, Washington. Included with the journal was a heart-felt note, sharing how her mother kept a journal that she’s cherished reading as an adult, and thought we might want to do the same for our Read more »

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