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Victory & Daniel

Loving and Inclusive-Minded Los Angeles Couple Seeking Open Adoption

Dear expectant mama - welcome to our family!

We can't wait to get to know YOU, and hopefully develop a lifelong friendship through whatever form of open adoption you're comfortable with. We'll always be a safe place for you, and know that you and your baby are in our prayers. Here's a little about us -

WE ARE: Los Angeles dwellers, faith believers, movie makers, dog lovers, art enthusiasts, loyal friends, niece and nephew spoilers, and kitchen dancers.

WE CAN'T DO WITHOUT: Our dog Mabel, a sense of humor, an attitude of gratitude, a curious mind, empathetic hearts, and art & beauty in all forms.

WHAT FILLS OUR DAYS: Creative work that we love, wonderful friends and family, and planning and prayers for our baby-to-be.

WHAT WE'RE REALLY GOOD AT: Traveling together!

ON REPEAT: Old Italian Classics on Spotify

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Who We Are

We met in May of 2017. There was an immediate connection between us, and over the span of a couple months of long talks, lots of laughter and many adventures, we fell deeply in love. Daniel proposed in February of 2018 on a rooftop overlooking all of Los Angeles, and Victory was simply overjoyed. A few months later, we gathered with close friends and family for an intimate backyard ceremony. We made vows before God and our loved ones, and we danced the night away! The foundation of our relationship is our shared faith, and due to that, we feel our relationship is a gift, and we work to preserve our bond every day. We’ve loved being a family of two, and are ready and excited to become a family of three!

Our life centers around our faith, family & friends, travel, nature, art, cinema, and fun! Victory has always dreamed of adopting since she was young, and Daniel has had a first-hand account of watching his brother and sister-in-law build their family through the adoption of two little girls. We can’t express how excited we are to become parents, and raise your child surrounded by unconditional love, alongside cousins who share a similar experience. Not only that - two of our best friends are in the process of adopting, so your child would be surrounded by lots of other adoptees!

It's our hope to create an open adoption plan, whether that means sending letters and photos, or in-person visits - we're open! Know that if you decide to place your child with us, she/he will grow up in a home filled with encouragement and opportunities to pursue her/his hopes and dreams. We promise to model what it means to love and respect others, and to surround your child with diverse cultural influences, and a community of caring family and friends. 

The thing that is most important to us, is the family culture we create. We want you to know that your child will grow up in a home where big and little wins are celebrated, and where a loss or hard day is met with a listening ear and a warm hug. Our home is a place full of love, peace, creativity, warmth and fun, where all feelings, good or bad, are encouraged to be shared and will be respected. Your child will have boundaries to keep her/him safe, and while she/he will never be expected to be perfect, she/he will be expected to do her/his personal best in all things. Our family is a safe place where imagination is encouraged, big dreams are championed and love is the most important thing.

Adoption Diary

Library Addition

Feeling very inspired by this creative and powerful book, ‘Radiant Child’, written and illustrated by Javaka Steptoe, about a young Jean Michel-Basquiat, and his story of becoming a culture changing artist. One the themes that I love and resonate with, is how art can be a powerful healer.

My obsession

Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with crockpot cooking? Here’s a pic of a meal that’s on repeat in our house: chicken, green beans and potatoes. Simple, but healthy and so tasty. Last week we slow cooked Cabbage and Kielbasa - mmm, so delicious! (where are my emoji’s when I need them?)

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Victory & Daniel

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Victory & Daniel