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Victory & Daniel

We are the committed, loving couple you are hoping for.

Welcome to our family, all it's missing is your beautiful child!

We're Victory and Daniel from Los Angeles, California. Together for three years, and married for two, our life together centers around our faith, family & friends, travel, nature, art, cinema, and fun! Victory has always dreamed of adopting since she was young, and Daniel has had a first-hand account of watching his brother and sister-in-law build their family through the adoption of two little girls. 

We can’t express how excited we are to become parents, and raise your child surrounded by unconditional love, alongside cousins who share a similar experience. If you decided to place your child with us, know that she/he will grow up in a home filled with encouragement and opportunities to pursue her/his hopes and dreams. We promise to model what it means to love and respect others, and to surround your child with diverse cultural influences, and a community of caring family and friends. 

We're hoping to form a positive, lifelong bond with you, and to be a safe place as you navigate through this difficult time. As people of strong faith, we believe we're already divinely connected, and we can't wait to meet you.

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Who We Are

We met in May of 2017. There was an immediate connection between us, and over the span of a couple months of long talks, lots of laughter and many adventures, we fell deeply in love. Daniel proposed in February of 2018 on a rooftop overlooking all of Los Angeles, and Victory was simply overjoyed. A few months later, we gathered with close friends and family for an intimate backyard ceremony. We made vows before God and our loved ones, and we danced the night away! The foundation of our relationship is our shared faith, and due to that, we feel our relationship is a gift, and we work to preserve our bond every day. We’ve loved being a family of two, and are ready and excited to become a family of three!

Summary Of Us:
Los Angeles dwellers, dog lovers, book readers, movie makers, deep feelers, critical thinkers, Christian believers, art/film/music lovers, loyal friends, niece and nephew spoilers, and kitchen dancers.

6 Things We Could Never Do Without
1. Attitudes of gratitude
2. Curious minds
3. Empathetic and compassionate hearts
4. Art & beauty in all forms
5. A sense of humor
6. Resilient spirits

What We're Doing With Our Lives:
Our lives are full of creative work that we love, wonderful friends and family, and planning and prayers for our baby-to-be.

We're really good at:
Working as a team

On Repeat:
Old Italian Classics on Spotify

On A Typical Friday Night We are:
Snuggled up on the couch with each other and Mabel watching a movie, or sharing a good meal with a dear loved one.

Adoption Diary

Office Assistant

Mabel helping Daniel get some afternoon reading done. She loves to lay right on our papers - it cracks us up. I hope her funny personality comes through the photo. She always seems perplexed as to why we’re laughing at her.

We made a video!

A few days ago, our brother-in-law interviewed us and then edited together some footage to create a 4 minute video. This is a still shot our niece took of us while we were recording. The video is up on our Adoptimist page, if you want to take a look! We had fun making it, and hope you enjoy watching it!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Victory & Daniel

213-293-6333 (toll-free)

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Victory & Daniel