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Happy Birthday to me!!

Yesterday was Christy’s (my) 44th, so we did what we love to do to celebrate. There is no where I’d rather be. It was really cold this day, we were kind of caught off guard by the wind chill. Read more »

Greenhouse Lemons

We keep our citrus in a greenhouse during the winter. This year we had so many I ran out of ideas! We dried it, gave it to neighbors,  I’ve been adding fresh lemon to everything. I even made a cleaning spray. We also have regular and ruby red grapefruits this year. Read more »

Tallulah Gorge

This was a really interesting 10 mile hike. The forest was control burned 2 years ago, so it was very post-apocalyptic. Many sparse and burned trees, lots of sunlight. I’ve never needed sunglasses on a hike before. It was unseasonably warm at 70 degrees, so nice.The gorge was my favorite part. Just massive! Read more »

Sweet Potato Pie for Thanksgiving

These little dirty potatoes don’t look like much here, but they made the best pie for Thanksgiving! Mike started growing these last year and harvested them the day before. We usually drive to my Grandmother’s for the holiday, but this year we all decided to stay safe for the pandemic. I’ve never cooked Read more »

Mountain Hike this weekend

We went with a friend to this trail that was pretty hard! The summit view of a valley was so worth it. So many waterfalls. This is my favorite trail in GA so far- few people, pretty technical, and so much beauty. Read more »


All of our citrus is tucked away for the winter. The lemons are almost ready, and we, for our very first time, have ruby red grapefruit! So excited about those. The election is near, and the virus seems to be spiking again, so we are staying home and taking care of each other. I find it is best to pause when things get Read more »

Fall is here

The temps are dropping, the sky is grey. Time for fall, which is the best time for hiking to me!! I use less water and can go farther than in summer. I welcome the cold! Read more »

Labor Day and figs

No photos for today. Just a few words of hope. We are getting a lot of traffic on our profile, which does make us hopeful. It has been so quiet the past few months, which made us wonder if this was going to work for us. We are still very, very hopeful. We picked figs from our trees yesterday, ate many of them raw and grilled Read more »


Lili came to visit. We played games- Wii and Life. This is the Labyrinth game pictured, based off of the movie.  We like every kind of game there is. Sunday I went to Stone Mountain for some me time/hiking. I like to wander in the woods alone as tree therapy. Read more »


Our chickens are happy and healthy. Finally getting old enough to lay regularly. We raised them from chicks and it had been so neat to watch then grow. Mike built the house and the coop! Read more »

Happy Anniversary to us!

We celebrated by making blueberry muffins from our garden and then playing the Labyrinth game (based of the movie from the 80s). Next year hopefully we can go somewhere! Read more »

Blueberries and family

Yesterday we picked a bunch of blueberries and took them to my Grandparents. We helped them all day around the house with repairs, and then grilled steaks. They are in their 80s, so ti is nice to be with them and help while they are still with us! Read more »


I found this hilarious photo of me, my daughter, my Grandmother, my maternal Aunt, my cousin and her son. I bet you can tell who my daughter is. :D Read more »


One of the things I miss most while social distancing is teaching yoga. I taught two volunteer classes a week to people in recovery from addiction and adolescents in mental health crisis. I ran a small nonprofit. We can’t provide these services safely this year. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to serve like this Read more »

Easter Eggs!

Our Americanus started laying this week. She lays only blue green eggs. We are so excited for our hens to finally be old enough to lay! The eggs are ridiculously good. Read more »

Black Dahlia Pt 2

It opened even bigger and more beautiful today. Nature teaches me to be patient and just observe. It will open even more tomorrow. It can’t be rushed, it must open it its own time. Read more »

Black Dahlia

Mike plants surprise flowers for me. This one is a favorite- Black Dahlia. Valentine’s Day is every day at our house! Read more »

Summer Solstice Hiking

My daughter and I love hiking in North Georgia. We went for a nice 8 miler today. Our state has exceptional trails. This one begins at the top of a waterfall and ends at an Inn. Read more »


These only bloom for a few weeks, and they come back every year. They are so pretty. Mike’s Mother in Virginia gave us these yeas ago. We mow them down and they come right back, gorgeous as ever. . Read more »

Family Vacation

Lili’s birthday is in July so we go to the beach in GA or AL and we also always go to the lake a few times every year. I just booked our lake trip for mid July. We take our kayaks, camp in tents and lay out in the dark under the stars, listening to the frogs. We grill and cook marshmallows by the fire. When we kayak Read more »


I made tiny cheesecakes out of our fresh picked raspberries and blueberries. I love baking and my family loves my baking, win win! We try to not eat too many desserts, but the home made ones are amazing so we treat ourselves sometimes. Read more »

Potato Harvest

Yesterday Mike harvested a lot of red and golden potatoes. I made a potato salad with fresh dill. The weather was perfect. Read more »


We have so many. I cook with them in everything. From our garden, of course! Read more »

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