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At the time we met, we were both established in our careers but divorced. Tammy was my lawyer in an employment dispute I had with my employer. I was blown away by her beauty, compassion. and intelligence. Although it was love at first site for me, Tammy took a couple of years before she "saw the light".

I came to the relationship with my son, Nicolai, and Tammy has been so loving and kind and amazing with him (Nicolai has special needs).

We both feel so blessed to have found each other and have dreamed of expanding our family by adopting together.

We both come from very large families, and extended families. The more the merrier. We have always agreed with the saying "it takes a village to raise a child", and we have a village of loving people.

Although we wanted to have a child, we have not been able to have a biological child. And hope you will consider us to be the adoptive parents for your soon to be born baby.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Before the current Covid-19 issues, Tammy and I would live during the week in our apartment in New York City, and then travel to our house in Bayport, NY Thursday night and spend Friday-Sunday in Bayport. Since Covid-19, we have exclusively spent our time in Bayport and will continue to stay here until it is safe to resume our trips to New York City.


adoptive family photo - Tammy Tammy was born in Long Island, New York and is the oldest of 3 girls. Her sister, Stacy, is a year younger than her, and her sister, Nicole, is 6 years younger than her. She was raised by two hard-working and very loving parents. Her father owned his own plumbing business and worked tirelessly to give his children every opportunity life had to offer. Her mother stayed home and was there for them every minute of every day.
Her parents believed in instilling a strong work ethic. At age 14, Tammy had a paper route. At age 15, she was working in a restaurant, where she remained until she went to law school. Her sisters, Stacy and Nicole, often worked with her at the restaurant. Her childhood was filled with a lot of love and fun. She was, and still is, close to her many cousins and loves the big Italian family that she was raised in.

(Tammy through Patrick's eyes)

Tammy has the biggest heart of anyone I have every met. When you meet her, you can't help but be struck by her beauty, but when you get to know her, you realize her true beauty is on the inside. Not only is she extremely bright, she is a tireless supporter of those in need of assistance (both as a lawyer and in her personal life). As much as she loves her nieces and nephews (here pictured with Cessarina and Kougar), she has always wanted a child of her own which we are unable to have. She has so much love to give that it is obvious to me, and everyone that knows her that Tammy will make an amazing mother!


adoptive family photo - Patrick Patrick was born in Detroit, Michigan and has 4 siblings. He has two older brothers, John and Joe, and an older sister, Nancy, and a younger sister, Melody (13 years younger). Growing up on the east side of Detroit was tough and his family was very poor; often there was not enough food to feed a family of 7. Yet, his mom, who was an amazing woman, did her best to pinch pennies and try to put clothes on her children's backs. Fortunately, Patrick was extremely intelligent and great in sports, which helped him through his childhood-as did the unconditional love provided by his mother and the closeness he shared with his siblings.
Patrick started working at a young age to help support his family. His journey to get where he is now was not an easy one, but has shaped him into the compassionate man he is today.

(Patrick through Tammy's eyes)

Patrick is not only very smart (I am always amazed by the amount of knowledge he has about so many things!), but he is also the most kind and compassionate person I have ever met. He always tries to see the good in every situation. I love how loyal he is to his family and friends. There is nothing he wouldn't do for the people he loves. Patrick has a successful job in finance, and is always looking for ways to give back, whether it is working at a soup kitchen or helping mentor young people. The best example, though, of Patrick's kindness and compassion is shown through his interaction, love, and devotion to his special needs son, Nicolai (pictured with Patrick), who was adopted from Russia in 1999. Any child would be lucky to have him as a Dad...

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Tammy & Patrick

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Tammy & Patrick