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Work/Life Balance

We’ve been so blessed that Kendrick has been able to work from home during this pandemic. This has allowed us so much extra family time that we try not to take for granted. G wakes up early with him so they can eat breakfast together before Kendrick heads to the garage office to get work done. We get to eat lunch as a family everyday. It’s been incredible. He has always been great at work/home life balance and is the best partner with raising our kids.

This current flexibility also allowed us to head to Indiana (where we currently are) to spend a few weeks with his family. The kids and I get to spend time with grandma during the weekdays and then we’re all together in the evenings when Kendrick, Auntie R, and Bopa are back home. Kendrick took last week entirely off work which was wonderful.

All four of us are in agreement that our family isn’t complete yet. Our daughter, L, has been praying for a baby sister for over 2 years. In the last 6 months G started praying for a baby also - and he leads or ends EVERY prayer with “pease bing us a baybee yoon”.

We have everything we need to bring a baby home at anytime - and adding a baby (or 2) to our lives would be the greatest gift. No matter what adventure we may post on here, nothing is more important to us than our family and we look forward to more baby snuggles someday.

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