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Visiting Friends in Idaho

Wednesday evening the kids and I flew to Idaho to visit friends for the weekend. Kendrick is joining us soon - we can hardly wait!

Stacie and I became best friends back in Washington and would often hike with our little kids before she moved away. We’ve kept in touch and it’s so fun to get together and let the kids play. We did something like this last year, and this is the friend I had my surprise birthday weekend with in June.

So far we’ve made cookies, played outside in their treehouse, gone biking, explored some nature trails, gathered veggies from the garden, and played lots of games. Us adults play lots of board, dice, and card games after the kids go to bed too. (Machi Koro and Sushi Go are some favorites!)

We’re so thankful and blessed to have the friends that we do. We’re looking forward to bringing along another baby or two next time we see them.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our family. We’re adventurous, kind, and loving. If you’d like to ask any questions to get to know us better please reach out - we’re looking forward to meeting you. Texting, calls, and emails are all ok with us. We promise not to “pester” or “nag” you. :-)


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