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Symphony and Eagle Lakes Hike

Kendrick, my brother Tal, and I took advantage of the gorgeous day and hiked a total of 11.5 miles to see Symphony and Eagle Lakes. Mumsie and Pops stayed home with the kids. They got to enjoy happy meals at the park.

Even though I had lived in Alaska over 11 years, and Kendrick even longer, we had never done today’s hike before. It was absolutely gorgeous with all the fall colors popping out. We even crossed paths with a bull moose, who respectfully kept his distance as we did too. We enjoyed gummy bears and leftover pizza and at the lakes before heading back. Both of these guys are in better shape than I am but I managed to keep a good pace with them. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to hike with my husband and brother, and for the kids to make more memories with their grandparents.

We’re in Alaska for a few more days before heading back to Washington. It’s been a great trip but it’s time to start some kindergarten with L and be home for a little while. We hope you can see how fun, adventurous, and loving we are as a family. We have so much love to give, and would be incredibly honored to be chosen as adoptive parents.

Much love,

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