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Neighbors and Pool Days

We feel so blessed to have such sweet neighbors. We have an elderly neighbor that loves us so much. She always has tootsie pops ready for the kids when we visit and reminds me she is praying for our adoption journey. On Monday we sat on her back deck catching up from our Indiana trip while watching the kids play in her yard.
Next-door we have some neighbors that have become our friends. We play board games with them periodically or chat around the fire in the evenings once the kids are in bed. (We are huge fans of board games and are excited to play more with our kids as they grow! We have a few age appropriate ones they really like.)
Oh! And our other next-door neighbors have asked us to enjoy their pool anytime we’d like. How awesome is that!? So today the kids and I went over for a bit before lunch and had a blast. L has even started jumping off the side! It’s been fun to see her become more brave and confident in the water this summer. We are looking forward to many more pool days.

In the midst of COVID making things in our country kind of hectic, we are so thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful community for our family to grow in. Everyone on our street is so friendly that our kids don’t have to be reminded every day of that dang virus.

We’re ready to add a sweet baby or two to our family at anytime. If you feel we could be a good fit and want to ask us any questions, please reach out. We look forward to meeting you. -Stevi

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