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L’s Flower and Otter-pop Stand

Sunday was so fun! We set up a table to sell Otter-pops and small bouquets of flowers to help with adoption costs. Our 5 year old, L, came up with this idea.

Last week L asked if we could set up a lemonade stand. Given the current situation of COVID I advised her that not many people would likely want homemade lemonade, but we could do Otter-Pops instead if she’d like. When I asked what she wanted to do with the money she said, “I want it for our adoption!” I just about cried. I love how involved our two kids are and how excited they are to have another sibling.

With great anticipation L waited for today as we planned, prepared, and arranged with our sweet neighbor. We set up in front of our neighbor’s home because she gets more neighborhood traffic. She cut about 10 beautiful fresh flower bouquets for us to sell from her backyard. L and G did a great job waving ecstatically at every passing car, and showing options to people who stopped. People stopped to say hi and even just donate without wanting flowers or otter-pops. We have such an incredible community here I feel so loved thinking back on today. God is good.

We are so excited and ready to grow our family. -Stevi

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