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Last weekend in Indiana

This picture seems to sum up our Sunday pretty well. We walked to Kentucky this morning (L was begging to do it one last time before heading home) and got the kids a Dairy Queen treat. G asked for french fries and L went for an ice cream cone. We got to see 4 barges on our walk - 2 of which passed directly under us on the bridge. That’s pretty fun to experience!
This evening we got to play Corn Hole and eat yummy ribs and burgers. Kendricks aunt and uncle came along too - the kids love them so much.

Our time in Indiana is coming to an end as we are heading home this week. Growing up mostly in Alaska (some in MN too) I never really thought I’d love a town in Indiana so much. We have loved our trip and already look forward to returning with another kid or two in tow.

Also - yesterday we attempted to go hiking at a state park and 1/3rd of the way into it the clouds let rain fall on us like I’ve never experienced outside before. We didn’t have rain gear or umbrellas so we all got completely drenched. The kids were troopers and I am so proud of them. G kept saying, “You are a NAUGHTY RAIN!” to the rain. Hahaha! L said she enjoyed it. I’m thankful we had a warm home and dry clothes to return to.

That’s all for now - next diary post will likely be after we get home later this week. I look forward to meeting you someday. -Stevi

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