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Family Friday’s

After a family bike ride this evening we all worked together to prepare our family game night. Kendrick and G made popcorn, L cleared the table, and I made smoothies - Yummm. We played SORRY (G won!), then came First Orchard (co-operative game that we won together), and even got a few rounds of hide-n-seek in before bedtime. We also FaceTimed with Kendrick’s parents who are in Indiana.

I love our family and the intentional time we spend together so much. We love board games and plan to keep them a big part of our lives as the kids continue to grow. We do family movie nights about once/week and skip tv/movies otherwise. It’s been amazing to see how much less they fight and how much more they play once movies aren’t a daily option. Know better - do better.

We’re heading out camping for a bit this weekend to visit friends. Can’t wait to see them and create more memories.

Sending lots of love your way,

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