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Experiencing the “Firsts”

One of our favorite things about being parents is experiencing the “firsts” with our kids. When they are little, the new textures of grass or carpet always produce silly expressions along with introducing different foods and drinks. Swinging for the first time, going down a slide, riding in a bike trailer - it’s all so fun! Now that our two are older it has gotten even better. Visiting Indiana for the first time - L is obsessed with being able to see Kentucky across the Ohio River and the river barges produce shouts of joy without fail every time. We love that everything here is within walking distance - playgrounds, coffee shops, ice cream, toy shops, the pool, and lots of other fun places to explore. The pool has brought back so many fond memories for me (Stevi) from growing up and it has been amazing to be making similar ones with our kids. Today, L went down the waterslide all by herself and daddy caught her at the bottom. She was grinning from ear to ear and shaking with nerves and excitement. We were so proud of her courage to try it on her own. It’s still so fun to think about.

We look forward to having many more “firsts” with our kids and can hardly wait to grow our family and experience even more together. Thanks for keeping up with our family.


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