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A Day (or Two) in the Life of the Titus Family

We’re home and settled in again from our short trip to Idaho. It feels so good to be home, but also a bummer we don’t have any other big trips planned in the near future. Here is a glimpse into our last two days at home.

On Tuesday I woke up to the kids climbing into bed with me. (I love waking up that way.) After breakfast I did some school with L and G and then let them play for a bit. On our way to have a picnic lunch at a park we did some errands. It was a gorgeous day! While G napped that afternoon we finished L’s math and worked on her Kiwi Crate. We read 1/2 of the 1st book of “The Boxcar Children” and loved it. The kids cleaned up their toys and enjoyed some silly conversation cards with daddy before bed while I got to enjoy a 3 mile walk with a friend who lives in the neighborhood.
Then, Kendrick and I watched like 4 episodes of “The Good Place” season 4. Haha!

Today (Wednesday) Kendrick went on a 5 mile run with some friends and we surprised him with pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Then I did some of L’s school before my Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Zoom meeting at 10. Afterwards we made chocolate chip cookies. G is learning about the letter “C” and I figured what better way to learn than by making a yummy treat?! After lunch (with daddy! We love having him work from home) I finished some more school with L while G napped, and then both kids made a ninja course in the backyard. I got a batch of Kombucha going and L and I finished the 1st book of “The Boxcar Children”. We roasted chicken apple sausage over the fire tonight and scootered/rode bikes. Then the kids cleaned up their toys and played a little bit of “Super Mario 64” with daddy before bed. Now Kendrick is making popcorn and we plan to finish off “The Good Place” tonight.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into what some of our days look like. We are so looking forward to adding another baby or two into our family. If you have any questions for us, please send us a message! Looking forward to meeting you.


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